Is deceptive marketing really good for business? In the short-run, deceptive marketing may make you a few bucks. In the long-run, it will cost you more in customer confidence and satisfaction.

Is deceptive marketing really good for business?

Published on Sun, Mar 20 2011 by Adebola Ajiboye
We received an email from a customer asking what to make of the contents of a service announcement email from her domain name registrar ( Redacted copy of email published below )
This raises the question, is deceptive marketing practices like this really, really good for business? 
So yes, the IPv4 address allocation is indeed running out. In fact, there is an urgent need for all organizations to expedite full IPv6 adoption and migration plans. Until that happens, all responsible web solution providers are really working hard to allocate use of their existing IPv4 address blocks to customers and systems that critically require unique IPv4 addresses. 
So, in essence, what is doing here is an outstanding example of corporate irresponsibility. For the sake of making an easy sale, they are using FUD / deceptive marketing tactics to sell even more IPv4 addresses, hastening the exhaustion of the limited IPv4 address pool. I guess they don't seem to get the point that running out of IPv4 addresses before IPv6 is fully ready is not really a joke.
The bottom line here:
Not every website needs a unique IP address. Sharing an IP address does not necessarily make your website any less stable than one on a dedicated IP address. IP address blacklists don't necessarily apply to websites or domain names per se, but rather affects email servers servers primarily. So if you are not running your own dedicated email services, and you are not using SSL on your website, then you probably don't need to buy and pay another monthly fee for a unique IP address you don't need and the world can't afford to have tied up for no good reason.
Deceptive marketing may be good for business in the short run, but taking advantage of your customers is very bad for business in the long run. At least we think so here.
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Dear XXX,
Why would you want a unique IP address for your website?
First of all, each website needs to have an IP address in order to be accessible on the internet.
Secondly, websites that have unique IP addresses are more stable and more reliable.
Having your own unique IP address for your website means that you are unaffected by the other websites that share the same server.  For example, if a website that shares your server gets its IP address blocked or blacklisted, it would not affect your website since it's not sharing the same IP address.
It was announced earlier this year that the last batch of IP addresses have been allocated, and that this batch of IP addresses will probably be used up towards the end of the year.  At this moment, IP addresses are a hot commodity due to their short supply.  Everyone is trying to reserve their own IP address to ensure their own website is still accessible once all of the IP addresses are used up.
To learn more about unique IP address, please visit:
Typically, other hosting providers will charge you $3 to $4 a month on top of your hosting plan for a unique IP address.  But, with our Ultra Hosting and Unlimited Hosting plans, we will include a unique IP address for your account free of charge!
You can make sure your website stays online and get all of the advantages of having a unique IP address for as low as US$6.95/month.  Not only do our Ultra Hosting and Unlimited Hosting plans come with a unique IP address, they also come with many other features that are not available on the Basic Hosting plan, including PHP/MySQL support.
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