Announcing ASD Website CMS+ Version 3.12.01 ( Maintenance Release ) Business website management solution upgrade information. ASD Website Automation CMS+ 3.12.01 maintenance upgrade

Announcing ASD Website CMS+ Version 3.12.01 ( Maintenance Release )

Published on Thu, Apr 18 2013 by Adebola Ajiboye
Monkey Business Agency Inc. - Our business is building your business with software and services for smart, modern businesses.Greenwich, CTApril 18, 2013 — AJIBOYE is pleased to announce the release of maintenance upgrade version 3.12.01 of our ASD Website Automation CMS+ software. This maintenance release provides numerous bug fixes and stability improvements including:
  • Stability improvements to the style wizard
  • Bug fixes to link and image publishing tools
  • Full browser support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera ( Full IE support still pending )
  • And more..
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About ASD Website Automation CMS+
The business website management technology you need to run your online business enterprise. The software provides the powerful you need to manage day to day, complex business website operations. From content publishing, email, marketing, accounts, leads and sales management to invoicing and salesforce automation, ASD Website Automation CMS+ makes it easy for small business managers to be real Masters of the Enterprise for only $ 19.95/mth. For more information, please visit
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