Monkey Business 3.17.03 Release - upgrade today! What's new in Monkey Business 3.17.03, the latest release of Monkey Business Management System from AJIBOYE, the Monkey Business Agency

Monkey Business 3.17.03 Release - upgrade today!

Published on Sat, Mar 05 2016
Greenwich, CTMonkey Business Management System - simply, everything you need to build your business!Saturday, March 05 2016 — AJIBOYE is pleased to announce the release of Monkey Business 3.17.03.
New releases brings new apps, features, tools, bug fixes and security improvements.
In this release,
New Features
  • Expanded animation options in the Monkey Business Editor allowing fast and easy animation of content. Easy apply move, fade and zoom effects to any content at any of the following: onload, onmouseover, onmouseout and onclick.
  • Automatic syncing of the content templatescustom codes and link-exchange business directory data on website upgrades to provide a complete availability of shared content in local repositories.
  • Improved CSS code storage and formatting support by the Monkey Business Editor.
  • Improved handling of newlines expands cross-platform support for all major operating systems: Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Performance optimizations can now be activated or deactivated conveniently in Website Settings. Performance optimizations are not automatically disabled by the Style Wizard and Mobile Style Wizard tools to improve style / design tools usability and performance.
  • New html and body selectors for the Mobile Style Wizard provides easier targeting, style and design of base typography for the website / theme.
  • New content data source priority settings in the Unified Search provides a more intuitive order of search results.
  • New mobile height setting for text groups now provides finer control over the height of text groups on mobile devices.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed error in adding new addresses in the shopping cart checkout workflow, which affects a portion of new accounts.
  • Fixed error in the new themes installation preventing remotely hosted media assets from complete and accurate installation.
  • Fixed layout error in the the shopping cart checkout page for address and contact information to assure consistent rendering on all devices.
  • Fixed performance bug in style wizard and mobile style wizard when performance optimizations are activated.
  • Fixed error affecting display of multimedia on mobile devices resolving issues where media players or dialog windows are larger than available viewport on the device.
About Monkey Business Management System
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