Monkey Business 4.00.03 Release - upgrade today! What's new in Monkey Business 4.00.03, the latest release of Monkey Business Management System from AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency

Monkey Business 4.00.03 Release - upgrade today!

Published on Sun, Jul 10 2016
Monkey Business Management System - simply, everything you need to build your business!
Greenwich, CTSunday, July 10 2016AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency is pleased to release Monkey Business 4.00.03.
New releases brings new apps, features, tools, bug fixes and security improvements.
In this release,
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Events Manager: Improved UI for adding anonymous registration forms and fixed a bug in the email reporting of selected ticket type.
  • Sitemaps & SEO: Fixed bug in sitemaps and robots.txt compilation and submission to search engines. Sitemaps now includes direct links pictures, albums and profiles pages for faster search engine indexing.
  • Scheduler: System now automatically starts all basic services and daemons without user input.
  • Online Store & Profiles: Profiles pages are now integrated with online store pages and products providing seamless navigation and discovery of online store marketplace content and owner profile pages.
  • Online Store Checkout: Shipping options now displays as a list of radio options with no default options to make sure shoppers make a conscious selection.
  • Accounts: â€‹Account geolocation data now updated for easier segmentation of accounts for mailinglist targeting for email marketing and reporting.
  • Security. Login sessions now times out after a configurable period of inactivity improving security.
  • Analytics & Management Reports: Store analytics now includes order counts in addition to total order amounts.
About Monkey Business Management System
Monkey Business Management System is everything you need to build your business for $19.95 per month. Monkey Business provides a custom design website, unlimited email & webmail, email marketing, online store, CRM, billing, forms and over 40 business management apps critical to building and runing a modern, successful business for one low monthly price. Try it free today. For more information, please visit
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