Monkey Business 5.01.04 Release - upgrade today! What's new in Monkey Business 5.01.04, the latest release of Monkey Business Management System from AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency

Monkey Business 5.01.04 Release - upgrade today!

Published on Tue, Aug 21 2018
Monkey Business Management System - simply, everything you need to build your business!
Greenwich, CTTuesday, August 21 2018Monkey Business Agency is pleased to release Monkey Business 5.01.04.
New releases brings new apps, features, tools, bug fixes and security improvements.
In this release,
New Features
Monkey Business Editor : Improved user experience to speed up publishing workflows.

Newly inserted content is now automatically selected.

Highlighted text is now automatically grouped before Bold , Italic , Underline and StrikeThrough styles are applied.

Use keyboard shortcuts Shift + Tab to select previous content using.

Use keyboard shortcuts Shift + Ctrl + v   to paste content first in a container.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor : fixed a critical bug introduced in the last release preventing the Smart ToolbarTextSize panel from showing up.
Monkey Business Editor : fixed a bug in the Paste function preventing rapid copy/paste.
Monkey Business Editor : newly inserted Resizable Blocks no longer contain an empty Text block.
Monkey Business Editor : new keyboard shortcut mappings for Visibility , Position , Display , Class Names , Data Values .
Monkey Business Forms : Fixed a critical bug in the form data validation code preventing saving of some text created with the Monkey Business Editor
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Monkey Business Management System is everything you need to build your business for $19.95 per month. Monkey Business provides a custom design website, unlimited email & webmail, email marketing, online store, CRM, billing, forms and over 40 business management apps critical to building and runing a modern, successful business for one low monthly price. Try it free today. For more information, please visit
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Monkey Business Agency Inc is a modern ad agency for modern small businesses. For more information, please visit monkeybusiness,agency/company-profile


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