Monkey Business 5.03.01 Release - upgrade today! What's new in Monkey Business 5.03.01, the latest release of Monkey Business Management System from Monkey Business Agency Inc Monkey Business Agency

Monkey Business 5.03.01 Release - upgrade today!

Published on Sun, Jan 27 2019
Monkey Business Management System - simply, everything you need to build your business!
Greenwich, CTSunday, January 27 2019Monkey Business Agency is pleased to release Monkey Business 5.03.01.
New releases brings new apps, features, tools, bug fixes and security improvements.
In this release,
New Features
Monkey Business Forms: now supports Conditional Options. This allows for creating forms that ask for inputs when values of other inputs are provided. For example, you may ask for a customer to upload documents to proof legal business identity during registration if the customer selects YES to the question Are you a business?
Monkey Business Forms: now supports executing Application Payloads - custom code triggered to process the submitted form data. This allows for more flexibility on post-processing automation of form data.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Text Groups: Fixed a bug in preventing drag and drop organization of texts set to Tile presentation mode.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug preventing Drag and Drop Publishing from working in the Chrome browser under certain conditions.
About Monkey Business Management System
Monkey Business Management System is everything you need to build your business for $19.95 per month. Monkey Business provides a custom design website, unlimited email & webmail, email marketing, online store, CRM, billing, forms and over 40 business management apps critical to building and runing a modern, successful business for one low monthly price. Try it free today. For more information, please visit
About Monkey Business Agency Inc.
Monkey Business Agency Inc is a modern ad agency for modern small businesses. For more information, please visit monkeybusiness,agency/company-profile


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