Our 5% commission is the 1st of 4 ways you can earn within our affiliate program. We pay you $ 0.10 per click per visitor just for sending traffic to our website.

Affiliate Manual

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Earn $ 0.10 per visitor

You earn something, no matter what!
As any marketer knows, 99% of leads do not convert into sales. 
That is why we provide a $ 0.10 payoff for every visitor you referred to us. This assures that you earn something for your marketing efforts.
As our program is all about sales, we have reporting and tracking standards designed to separate the kids from the pros! We only pay for high quality traffic, the kind that only results from quality marketing, not quantity.
Don't buy traffic from any traffic broker or exchange network. It's all junk for obvious reasons. If you are not prepared to really sell a product or service, you are wasting your time, and ours. Move on!
How it works
You do what all good marketers and salespeople do: really market the products we offer to people in your neck of the wood.
You can market anywhere you want, and or know. We don't have geographic limits!
When potential customers click on your ads and links, they come to our website, review product / service information, and maybe buy.
We track ALL traffic and activity on our website, analyze the quality, and pay you $ 0.10 per visitor.
Market online, offline or email. Get paid every time!
You can market via email, online or even offline. It does not matter where the person is coming from, we connect the traffic to you and you get paid. 
How we connect the traffic to you
You have 2 easy options when linking to pages on our website. Learn more >
You can review your clicks, traffic quality and payout report anytime online. An email copy of this report is also sent to you every week. 
Earned commissions under this compensation plan are calculated and paid once every month, starting from the first of the month, and we complete all commission payouts by the end of the month. More in FAQs > 
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