Get step by step guide on marketing online within the AJIBOYE Affiliate Partner Program.

Affiliate Manual

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Howto: Online Marketing

If you have web properties ( websites, blogs, social media pages, etc ) with a significant online audience, then online marketing is a great way to market our products/services to them.
how it works
Online marketing works very simply.
Decide what you want to market to your audience
We offer quality web agency solutions businesses everywhere need: Make sure you know your products, and market what you like and know your audience will too.
Find messages that will resonate with your audience 
Craft attention grabbing messages of your own or download our free website banners. A good idea is to incorporate mention of your Partner ID 5% discount code incentive to encourage your audience to take action.
Publish messages on your web properties for your audience
Publish the text links or web banners linked to the right pages on our website. For example, if marketing domain names, link to our domain name registration pages. This is key to assuring interested portions of your audience will be connected to the right information, and reducing your bounce rates.
Your website audience clicks on your linked messages
If your audience finds the messages compelling, and they are in the market for these products, they will click to learn more. When they do, you earn.
Your website audience makes a purchase.
When one of your audience makes a purchase, you earn some more.
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