Your Partner ID is your unique tracking identifier. Learn how to use it efficiently in your marketing. Use it when linking to our pages, or use it as a discount code incentive for your customers.

Affiliate Manual

Table of Contents

Your Partner ID

Your Partner ID is a unique, more user-friendly identifier for your account. It is automatically generated for you during registration, but you can change to anything you like.

Locating your Partner ID
Log into your account and you will find your Partner ID printed on your account dashboard.
Locating your partner ID
Changing your Partner ID
Log into your account and update your profile to change your Partner ID.
How we use your Partner ID
Link to pages with your Partner ID
Provide a 5% discount code with your Partner ID
Your Partner ID also serves as a sales incentive. Provide it to your audience and they will receive an automatic 5% off any order. 
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