Get step by step instructions on how to market and ensure high performance and quality within the AJIBOYE Affiliate Partner Program.

Affiliate Manual

Table of Contents

Howto: Marketing Basics

Quality marketing delivers results
Whether marketing online, offline or via email, only quality marketing guided by strong ethics works in delivering real results in sales and conversions.
We focus thoroughly on data-verifiable results, so our systems are built to track, analyze and reward high-performance results. Gimmicks, shady, misleading or misdirected marketing practices will not deliver these results. We caution you to avoid wasting your time.
Marketing 101 - Back to the Basics
Here are a few guidelines to achieve real results with your marketing.
Have an audience
If you don't have an audience you can market to, you are wasting your time. Our program do not help you create an audience, but rather helps monetize by offering products/services your audience may need. You may market on legitimate ad networks like Google Adwords if you are experienced running paid campaigns, but avoid PTC networks ( always consult our Blacklist ).
Market directly to your audience
Simply tell your audience about the products/services you know they will care about, and link to appropriate pages on our website. We provide free banners, and easy options to link.
Don't trick your audience
Tricking your audience to take actions you want will not achieve results. All you get is poor quality traffic and sales conversions. Either way you lose, so don't waste your time.
Guide your audience to the right information
If you are marketing domain names to your audience, link to a page for domain name services. Web users have limited patience. Linking to irrelevant content will result in your audience leaving ( high bounce rates ) and cost you money!
Offer your audience incentives
Your Partner ID serves as a 5% discount code you can offer to your audience to further motivate them to explore our solutions and pricing. Take advantage of it in your marketing to drive clicks and sale conversions.
Armed with these basics, please explore more specific guides to online marketing, offline marketing and email marketing.
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