Improvement, changes, upgrades to the Monkey Business Management System from AJIBOYE Monkey Business Agency.

platform Upgrades

Monkey Business 5.07.00 Latest release!
Released Tue, Jan 21 2020
New Features
Sentry. io Integration: tighter integration provides deeper granular data aiding faster identification and resolution of bugs.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: fixed a bug in the scrolling behavior impacting user experience.

Monkey Business 5.06.05

Released Thu, Nov 21 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Texts and Products: standardized support for Scheduled Publish, allowing for fine control over when Text and Product content goes online and offline.
Monkey Business Core: various minor bug fixes.

Monkey Business 5.06.04

Released Thu, Nov 14 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Core: fixed a bug preventing Content Flyout Menu tools from working, including REMOVE and DELETE options.
Monkey Business Core: fixed a bug preventing Drag & Drop organization of Text content in Text Groups from working.

Monkey Business 5.06.03

Released Thu, Oct 31 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Files: Files Manager now sports an animated preloading screen to provide visual feedback when loading content, improving user experience.
Monkey Business Core: Fixed a bug in Click-to-Copy.
Monkey Business Core: Fixed various bugs in the core.
Monkey Business  Editor: Better support for Click-to-Select text resolves conflicts with Click-to-Resize function, improving user experience.

Monkey Business 5.06.02

Released Wed, Oct 30 2019
New features
Monkey Business Editor: Supports the keyboard modifier SHIFT + ENTER to automatically create a new TEXT or TITLE content allowing for faster content design and production.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Core: fixed bug in multiple radio selections not correctly activating user selection.
Monkey Business Core: fixed bug in ADD to CART for Quick View causing the shopping cart items not to be displayed.
Monkey Business Photo Editor: fixed bug in the workflow of the Photo Editor preventing modified images from been updated corrected.
Monkey Business Core: Fixed the issue with javascript passive event listeners affecting scrolling performance.

Monkey Business 5.06.01

Released Tue, Oct 22 2019
New Features
Monkey Business Core: Automatic lossless optimization of image file sizes reduces bandwidth usage by up to 65% on average, reducing page load time, and boosting page load speed by 25%.
Monkey Business Core: Support sentry. io for improved realtime bug and issue tracking, reporting and monitoring.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Core: fixed bug where text inputs are not receiving focus on click preventing data entry.
Monkey Business Core: removed all Yahoo UI support, replaced with Jquery solutions. This reduces the size of the combined JavaScript library payload, reducing page load time and boosting page load speed by 5%.

Monkey Business 5.06.00

Released Wed, Sep 11 2019
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: All new Make Background option in the Smart Toolbar allows you to select any image/picture and make it a background image that you can layer text and other content over.
W3C Standards Compliance: We've retooled significant portions of the system to achieve 90%+ compliance in the 5 major categories for performance and compliance.
Monkey Business Editor: Support for Noun Project icons - You can now quickly search for, find and use high quality modern icons from the Noun Project repository right from the Stock Images UI in the editor.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Core: Numerous minor bug fixes.

Monkey Business 5.05.00

Released Sun, Jun 30 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor : Fixed a major bug in the Smart Toolbar icons highlight routine impacting user experience negatively due to icons not been highlighted correctly.
Monkey Business Editor : Now allows for easy modification of the content ID attribute for more customized setup of Quick View and Scroll To.
Monkey Business Core : Improved accessibility compliance, performance, and best practices. Core compliance audits now clocks:

SEO = 100%

Accessibility = 93%
Performance = 95%
Best Practices = 75%

Monkey Business 5.04.01

Released Mon, Apr 01 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business  Website : fixed a bug in the core navigation menus causing empty menus to be published as lines on mouse over.
Monkey Business  Editor: Fixed a critical bug creating poor user experience due to too much scrolling on selection of content in the editor.

Monkey Business 5.04.00

Released Sat, Feb 23 2019
New Features
Monkey Business Files: brand new Files Manager consolidates all the file management capabilities into a mobile React app, improving user experience and core interoperability. The new app supports viewing files in both List View and Grid view, seamlessly maintains state increasing workflow, Dynamic loading makes it insanely fast, Drag & Drop upload makes it super easy to use.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Forms: added the default option to Lists, Smart Lists, Check Options, and Radio Options.

Monkey Business 5.03.06

Released Thu, Feb 21 2019
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: Stock images now sports search the local images library in addition to Monkey Images, Flickr, and Getty.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: Stock images now sports filters to control the image library to search including Local, Monkey, Flickr, and Getty.

Monkey Business 5.03.05

Released Thu, Feb 14 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Photo Editor: now handles auto generation of thumbnail images when primary / original images are modified. This resolves issues with updating the Product and Store Category pictures.
Monkey Business Online Store: fixed issue with USPS international rates not returning shipping costs in some limited cases.

Monkey Business 5.03.04

Released Tue, Feb 05 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Photo Editor: Fixed several core inter-app integration issues with the Photo Editor allowing for a consistent user experience across the board.
Monkey Business Scheduler: fixed a bug affecting triggering of scheduled tasks during a window where the backend server and services is busy, assuring that critical tasks such as Billing / Invoicing are guaranteed execution.

Monkey Business 5.03.03

Released Sun, Feb 03 2019
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: The Smart Toolbar now maintains state on Resize, dramatically improving user experience.
Monkey Business Editor: Newly inserted and selected content now automatically scrolls into view, dramatically improving user experience.
Monkey Business Editor: The close button on the Options Panel now scrolls with the body of the Panels dialog window providing easy access to exit/close the Panel.
Monkey Business Editor: The Smart Toolbar arrow now automatically points toe the selected content, improving user interface.
Monkey Business Editor: The Smart Toolbar now maintains state on Resize, dramatically improving user experience.
Monkey Business Editor: All new Content Options for Images now allows changing the Alt Text for better ADA/WCOGS/SEO compliance control.
Monkey Business Editor: The Content Options for Links now sports selection of Target, i. e. where to open the link in the Current or New window.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a critical bug preventing accurate targeting and editing of Text embedded in Content Groups and Links, dramatically improving user experience.

Monkey Business 5.03.02

Released Fri, Feb 01 2019
New Features
Monkey Business Forms : Conditional Options now supports NO IF instructions in addition to YES IF instructions.
Monkey Business Forms: Now supports 3 new data types: Email Address, Password and Phone Number to allow for a more precise data input user interface, control and validation.
Analytics: new Interests Report shows the most viewed pages on the website. Report now integrated with the Accounts Manager HUD, and Management Reports.

Monkey Business 5.03.01

Released Sun, Jan 27 2019
New Features
Monkey Business Forms: now supports Conditional Options. This allows for creating forms that ask for inputs when values of other inputs are provided. For example, you may ask for a customer to upload documents to proof legal business identity during registration if the customer selects YES to the question Are you a business?
Monkey Business Forms: now supports executing Application Payloads - custom code triggered to process the submitted form data. This allows for more flexibility on post-processing automation of form data.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Text Groups: Fixed a bug in preventing drag and drop organization of texts set to Tile presentation mode.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug preventing Drag and Drop Publishing from working in the Chrome browser under certain conditions.

Monkey Business 5.03.00

Released Sun, Dec 23 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor : New toolbar option Content Ungroup no allows for ungrouping Content Groups without going into code.
Monkey Business Editor : new toolbar option Scrollable provides makes a resizable block content scrollable, allowing for converting space consuming content into compact scrollable presentations for mobile devices and minimalist experiences on desktops and tablets.
Monkey Business Editor : now supports video backgrounds. Make the background of any content a video easily by selecting the cover image of the video as the background image for the content. 
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business UI/UX : Numerous improvements, standardization and stabilization of the core UI elements and UX. Modal dialogs now have a raised shadow improving visibility when multiple dialogs are open and UX. Tooltips are re-engineered to display animated and on top of elements providing better UI.
Monkey Business Content Flyout Options : fixed a UI/UX bug impacting the ease of accessing the options in Content Flyout Menus. Content Flyout Menus hiding sensitivity is adjusted so they stay put long enough to be accessible.
Monkey Business Unified Search : fixed a cookie data overflow bug allowing link queries from the Monkey Business Editor to override search queries in the Unified Search.
Monkey Business Pager Navigator : Fixed a critical bug preventing the Page Navigator from recognizing content designed with the new Monkey Business Editor resizable block and anchor markup.
Monkey Business Style Wizard & Editor : numerous minor bugs fixed affecting UX and performance.

Monkey Business 5.02.06

Released Tue, Dec 04 2018
New Features
Video player: Video Thumbnails in timeline for quick exploration of video content.  Video Speed Menu allows control of the playback speed. Background Videos for creating immersive video experiences.
Quick Style Wizard: New Undo and Redo options allow for precise control over theme customization process.
Bug fixes and improvements
Countdown Clock: Fixed minor bugs in handling options.
Quick Style Wizard: Improved performance, stability and user experience.
Animated Controls: The user interface for core prompt, and confirm dialogs now sports the new Animated UI for system-wide controls.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed various minor bugs affecting user experience.

Monkey Business 5.02.05

Released Fri, Nov 02 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: Inline Page Editor mode when editing pages provides full WYSIWYG publishing experience.
Monkey Business Invoice Manager: brand new Autopay allows finer control over individual invoices. Customers can now enable or disable Autopay on each invoice easily via email alerts or logging into their Billing History.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed various bugs in the drag and drop functionality.
Monkey Business Invoice Manager: fixed a bug in the preparation of the invoice summary causing long delays on the payment submission page.
Monkey Business Performance Optimizer: fixed a bug causing the activation of performance optimization bundles from successful build and reactivation after platform upgrades.

Monkey Business 5.02.04

Released Sun, Oct 14 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: Support drag & drop files from your workstation directly into the Monkey Business Editor for faster publishing workflow.
Monkey Business Editor: The Smart Toolbar now sports a dedicated and brand new Stock Assets search icon and UI, providing one-click access to search for stock images and icons on Flicker, Gettys and Monkey Image Library.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Color Picker: now provides realtime color suggestions based on selections made for a faster, more productive creative workflow.
Monkey Business Style Wizard: Supports for toggling multiple class selectors in the UI to provide a simpler user experience for beginners while retaining functionality for power users. To enable Multiple Selectors for the Style Wizard, go to Website Settings > General > Boutique.
Monkey Business File Uploader:  bug fixes, security enhancements and improved user interface (UI).
Monkey Business Editor: numerous bug fixes, stability and user experience improvements.
Monkey Business Style Wizard: numerous bug fixes, stability and user experience improvements.

Monkey Business 5.02.03

Released Sun, Oct 07 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: Completely redesigned Content Templates for improved user experience, and enhanced productivity. It's now easier than ever to create Content Templates to speed up design and publishing projects. It is also now much faster to access and use Content Templates with support for realistic previews, optimized filtering and drag and drop application.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Invoice Manager: Improved user interface (UI) and search capabilities. Now search invoices with Targeted Keyword Search.

Monkey Business 5.02.02

Released Fri, Oct 05 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Content Manager : Drag and drop display order of Link and Text contents now globally accessible from the frontend, enabling faster content publishing and reorganizing workflow.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Invoice Manager : fixed a bug affecting the entry of line item details / description in the new Monkey Business Editor.
Monkey Business Invoice Manager : fixed a bug affecting creating invoices for amounts over $ 800K.  With this fix, we now support up to 14 digits billing... i. e. $ 10,000,000,000,000. 00 or 10 trillion dollars.
Monkey Business Core Animations : fixed a bug affecting vertical scrolling when animations are applied on the page.
Monkey Business Filesystem Security Sandbox : fixed bugs affecting integration with original Style Wizard tools and Website Performance Optimizer .
Monkey Business WWW Domains Manager : released support for the new REST API and retired the old SOAP API.

Monkey Business 5.02.01

Released Sun, Sep 16 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Email: Now supports real-time Email Address Verification. This makes sure that all only valid and real email addresses make it to the business mailing lists, significantly reducing email bounces and deliverability, and avoiding blacklist, spam traps and abuse penalties by the major ISPs such as AOL, ICLOUD, GMAIL and OUTLOOK.
Monkey Business Security: A brand new Filesystem Security Sandbox isolates critical files from website user account access to significantly reduce the ability of malicious modification of system critical content and data.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Email: fixed a bug in the Return-Path mime header setting set incorrectly, causing mail to fail modern DMARC, DKIM and SPF authentication schemes. Now Return-Path is properly set to the Sender email address.
Monkey Business Email: Switched from 7-bit encoding to base64 encoding of email messages for a more reliable delivery of HTML messages with arbitrarily long characters per line mime restrictions.
Monkey Business Email : Improved user interface (UI) of the Quick Email tool for a more enjoyable emailing experience.
Monkey Business Accounts : Improved new user accounts / models on-boarding presentation, workflow and personal email address verification for typos and accuracy.
Monkey Business Email : fixed a bug in the HTML Email Packager affecting the presentation of Links and Content Groups in email compositions.
Monkey Business Editor : fixed a bunch of minor Text and Link presentation and punctuation issues.
Monkey Business Optimizer : fixed a critical bug preventing the creation of optimized Javascript and CSS files due to a conflict with the new security restrictions imposed by the new Filesystem Security Sandbox.

Monkey Business 5.02.00

Released Sun, Sep 02 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor : new Modify Photo  enables quick, fast, and seamless photo editing, touch ups, resize, cropping, filters, text caption and so much more within the brand new Aviary Photo Editor integration.
Monkey Business Abuse Prevention Monitor: A new system designed to proactively monitor and prevent a wide variety of system abuse including attempted hacks via SQL injection, DDos, and XSS, and payment processing / merchant account / transactions protection. The Abuse Prevention Monitor implements rolling blacklists for easy management and self healing, eliminating management overhead and oversight with intelligent data analytics, machine learning and business intelligence.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business File Manager : fixed a bug in launching and initializing the Image Crop tool.
Monkey Business Photo Editor : Optimized workflow for saving modified photos . 
Monkey Business Editor : CountDown date timer now allows easy selection of font sizes, allowing for more flexible use of the date count down timer in any content composition setting.
Monkey Business Payment Processors : fixed a bug preventing the passing of customer IP address to payment processors using it for processing advance fraud prevention.
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: fixed a bug preventing easy styling of Popup Menus. By default Popup Menus disappear after a few seconds upon moving the mouse away from the menu. This fix disables that behavior when the Quick Style Wizard is active.

Monkey Business 5.01.06

Released Fri, Aug 31 2018
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: Improved targeting of hidden containers fixes the problems targeting and styling user interface (UI) in custom themes.
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: Fixed a bug preventing proper closing of the Style Wizard Toolbar when targeting and styling the page body and background.
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: Support targeting of content with double-click, in addition to single-click. This provides an alternative / backup way to target content for styling in situations where the browser is not responding to one or the other. This resolves the issue with Chrome browser not responding to single-click events to target content. In this case, simply double-click to select the target content and style.

Monkey Business 5.01.05

Released Tue, Aug 28 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: Support for Sticky content in the Smart Toolbar.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Website Templates (Themes): fixed a bug allowing website templates or themes to be improperly named, causing problems in saving content later on.
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: fixed a bug preventing the targeting, styling and customization of the body / background portion of custom design themes.
Browser Notes
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: The Chrome browser currently does not allow styling of the Selected state for Link Groups ( i.e. Navigation Menus ). As a workaround, please use any other browser including Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Monkey Business 5.01.04

Released Tue, Aug 21 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor : Improved user experience to speed up publishing workflows.

Newly inserted content is now automatically selected.

Highlighted text is now automatically grouped before Bold , Italic , Underline and StrikeThrough styles are applied.

Use keyboard shortcuts Shift + Tab to select previous content using.

Use keyboard shortcuts Shift + Ctrl + v   to paste content first in a container.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor : fixed a critical bug introduced in the last release preventing the Smart ToolbarTextSize panel from showing up.
Monkey Business Editor : fixed a bug in the Paste function preventing rapid copy/paste.
Monkey Business Editor : newly inserted Resizable Blocks no longer contain an empty Text block.
Monkey Business Editor : new keyboard shortcut mappings for Visibility , Position , Display , Class Names , Data Values .
Monkey Business Forms : Fixed a critical bug in the form data validation code preventing saving of some text created with the Monkey Business Editor

Monkey Business 5.01.03

Released Thu, Aug 09 2018
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a critical bug affecting performance in support of Safari browser.
Monkey Business Editor: Performance improvements; optimizations improves user experience by 800%. The Smart Toolbar now shows up fast, improving user interface responsiveness by 1600% in the Safari browser, 300% in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed critical bug in the content distribution network (CDN) support in the Javascript library.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed bug in the Ruler placement when resizing Resizable Blocks in the Safari browser.

Monkey Business 5.01.02

Released Sat, Jul 07 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: fixed a bug causing Content Group and Links to lose surrounding spaces when source code view is activated and deactivated
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: now supports Position styling with the new toolbar icon, enabling advance content style and presentations.
Monkey Business Accounts Manager: Ability to specify peer groups to restrict account data access of Accounts Managers, provides more secure accounts data sharing.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed critical bug in the handling of the editor value / data when in Text mode.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed minor bug the Smart Toolbar where the new Data icon does not light up when selected content has data values set.
Monkey Business Invoice Manager: Fixed critical bug initializing Monkey Business Editor for invoice line item descriptions, and invoice memos, and preventing values from been saved.

Monkey Business 5.01.01

Released Thu, Jun 28 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: Style Wizard now supports Position settings with custom top, bottom, left and right values.
Monkey Business Editor: Style Wizard now supports custom Class Names for targeting using the Quick Style Wizard for site-wide content style and design management.
Monkey Business Editor: Style Wizard now supports custom Data Values settings on individual content.
Monkey Business Editor: Style Wizard now supports Copy/Paste of content Style and Text from one content to another, dramatically speeding up the content design process, and improving user experience and productivity.
Monkey Business Editor: Style Wizard now supports Display Modes settings enabling finer control over content presentation.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Invoice Manager: fixed a critical bug in the data masking and security handling on the payment submission page causing display of "we cannot locate your order" messages for some users.
Monkey Business Automatic Functions: improved reliability and accuracy in triggering hourly and daily automatic functions.
Monkey Business Editor: fixed a critical bug in the Copy/Paste feature preventing activation of onscreen content modification user interface (UI) controls on Resizable Blocks.

Monkey Business 5.01.00

Released Sat, May 12 2018
New Features
Unified fonts.css file: provides consistent, reliable maintenance of custom fonts and typefaces for content design. System wide support now, allows perfect custom typography online, and in email. New system fully supported by the Monkey Business Editor, allowing for fast content design applications, the Monkey Business Style Wizard for easy Custom Theme integration and Monkey Business Theme Packager speeding up the design workflow for production of Monkey Business MarketplaceThemes.
Channel-aware Content Marketing: Delivers centralized management of channel specific media assets in the expanded Articles Manager, and delivery of high quality, standards based assets to each channel via the content streaming APIs. Currently supports Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Email. 
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Themes: Support for the new unified fonts repository.
Stability & performance improvements: Implemented numerous stability improvements to new features in the last required major release, including new Quick Style Wizard, Monkey Business Editor  and Mobile Responsive Theming.
Stability & performance improvements: Improved support for secure HTTPS protocol in linking assets.

Monkey Business 5.00.05

Released Thu, May 10 2018
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Articles: Upgraded user interface (UI) improves user experience, increased efficiency and performance navigating article meta data.
Monkey Business New Account Registration: The registration user interface now supports configurable contact information. By default enabling contact information collection enables Home, Work, Cell and Fax numbers. Now you can specify exactly any combination of these as required by your own unique requirements.
Countdown Timer App: Fixed bug affecting users in Safari browsers where date parsing fails, and countdown timing fails also.
Style Wizard: Improved handling and support for custom fonts. Activated fonts are now consolidated in a single, base fonts.css file, imported into all defined Website Templates automatically, making custom fonts available everywhere for use.
Monkey Business Editor: Now has native support for choosing custom fonts from the Text option of the Smart Toolbar.

Monkey Business 5.00.04

Released Mon, Apr 23 2018
New Features
Countdown Timer App: The new countdown clock app provides a live countdown workflow for various apps that needs clock/timer/countdown functionality.
Monkey Business Editor: Now supports publishing new Countdown Timer app with a dedicated Insert menu icon.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug preventing Live Preview for custom Redux app's triggered via Custom Javascript Codes
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug preventing Live Preview for newly embedded content from automatically activating.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a major bug in the way external resource files such as scripts and css styles are loaded to improve performance. Scripts are now loaded in the HEAD, rather than BODY section of the page content to assure resources used by page content are preloaded and available before calls, avoiding resource availability issues, particularly affecting javascript generated content.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug preventing Live Preview for content after triggering Undo and Redo operations.

Monkey Business 5.00.03

Released Sun, Apr 15 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Editor: fixed a bug causing Content Group and Links to lose surrounding spaces when source code view is activated and deactivated
Monkey Business Editor: Now supports Scroll To for quick, easy and precise animated scrolling between on screen page content.
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Invoice Manager: fixed a bug affecting how location based restrictions to Payment Methods are applied and enforced during payment submission workflow.
Monkey Business Quick Style Wizard: fixed a bug in causing 0rem values when Responsive Typography is enabled.

Monkey Business 5.00.02

Released Sat, Apr 07 2018
New Features
Monkey Business Events: Now supports ICONIC view in addition to the LIST and CALENDAR views.
Monkey Business Editor: Now supports ICONIC view in addition to the LIST and CALENDAR views when publishing Upcoming Events
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Events: Upgraded user interface (UI) improves data entry efficiency, presentation, accuracy and user experience.
Monkey Business Events: Now supports Related Events to enabling easier, faster, more efficient event promotion and discovery.

Monkey Business 5.00.01

Released Thu, Apr 05 2018
Bug fixes and improvements
Monkey Business Editor: fixed a bug causing Content Group and Links to lose surrounding spaces when source code view is activated and deactivated
Monkey Business Editor: New Links and Content Groups now automatically selected in the editor, speeding up the workflow and improving user experience.
Monkey Business Editor: Standard text formatting tools ( Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough ), now shows up in the Smart Toolbar when a Content Group is selected.
Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug in the way Content Groups and Links are formatted in emails. These are now properly formatted as inlined with the rest of the content, delivering the correct presentation as designed.

Monkey Business 5.00.00

Released Sun, Feb 04 2018
New Features
  • Brand new Quick Style Wizard brings significant performance, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements to Custom Theme design and customization. The new styling tool is faster, smoother and more precise. It delivers easier content targeting, smart toolbars and intuitive, familiar controls of the new Monkey Business Editor.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Upgraded the Color Picker to fixed various minor bugs and improve user experience.

Monkey Business 4.03.20

Released Wed, Jan 24 2018
New Features
  • The new Monkey Business Editor is now feature complete and hence ready to completely replace the old editor. Features supported include Forms, Formsets, Surveys, Polls, Documents, Discussions, Raffles, FAQs, Videos, Audio/Music, Events, Mailinglists, Maps, Iframes, RSS Feeds, Logo, Copyright, Page View, Access Control, Custom Templates, Custom Codes, Macros.

Monkey Business 4.03.19

Released Fri, Jan 12 2018
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports Columns, enabling creating multi-column layouts used in high-end magazines and editorials, fast and easily.
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports easy and quick access to upload and select images with the Upload File and Select File icons in the Smart Toolbar, providing another convenient option for users not comfortable using Keyboard Shortcuts.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Smart Toolbar now has a resize option toggle the display of the toolbar in either the Widescreen or Compact modes. This significantly reduces the time spent on organizing the workspace, increasing focus on content design and publishing, and delivering a frictionless workflow that dramatically improves user experience.
  • Intelligent placement of the Smart Toolbar in the most unobtrusive locations for the target content, improves user experience.
  • Link Options in the Monkey Business Editor now uses autocomplete to search across the database to show all content available, dramatically speeding up content publishing.

Monkey Business 4.03.18

Released Tue, Jan 09 2018
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports Effects with the Effects smart toolbar icon, fast and easy content transitions, and animations to bring static content to life. 
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports Quick View with the Quick View smart toolbar icon, enabling better content presentations.
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports Layers with the Layers smart toolbar icon, enabling easier publishing of complex content compositions.
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports custom Opacity settings with the Visibility smart toolbar icon.
  • Monkey Business now support the React Application framework enables implementation of reusable components and applications for improved UI/UX.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Improvements to the core style sheet fixes a number of user interface issues affecting user experience in some core apps.

Monkey Business 4.03.17

Released Mon, Dec 04 2017
New Features
  • Monkey Business API now support for Twilio brings text messaging capabilities, and other goodies.

Monkey Business 4.03.16

Released Sun, Nov 26 2017
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor: Automatic Responsive Content Generation ensures that the content you design is fully responsive on all devices (i.e. desktops, tablets, and mobile) without any additional work. This significantly reduces the time it takes to create performant web content, improving user experience and productivity.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed critical layout bug where margins are not factored into calculation of available width.  

Monkey Business 4.03.15

Released Thu, Nov 23 2017
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports vertical alignment of content in Resizable Blocks.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed minor UI/UX issue with style of the Scroll Bar improving user experience when scrolling.
  • Fixed bug in Monkey Business Editor preventing Rounded Corners styles from working on Images.
  • Improved Drag & Drop precision in the Monkey Business Editor.
  • Fixed bug in Monkey Business Editor preventing Hyperlinks from been embedded in the right location.

Monkey Business 4.03.14

Released Sun, Nov 19 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Expanded responsive theming options for devices in the Monkey Business Editor.
  • Removed limitation of specifying a single responsive theme for mobile device support.

Monkey Business 4.03.13

Released Tue, Nov 14 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed inherited style for button-action in the default stylesheet.
  • The Monkey Business Editor support for nested templates improves design architecture communications.
  • The Monkey Business Editor now disables content UI tools in edit/design mode, improving user experience.
  • Various minor style improvements to the core stylesheet.

Monkey Business 4.03.12

Released Sat, Nov 11 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed critical bug in the new Monkey Business Editor causing stylesheets to be saved with invalid data.
  • Fixed critical bug in the new Monkey Business Editor preventing themes from been saved successfully.

Monkey Business 4.03.11

Released Mon, Oct 30 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed critical bug in the nicescroll integration affecting UI/UX scrolling performance, particularly on pages with large content blocks.
  • Fixed critical bug in the Shopping Cart data specification for dynamic product options that is causing data loss in order receipt views due to incorrect handling of data delimiters commas ";" and semi-colons ";".
  • Minor changes to the Search & Filter UI improves reliability, accuracy and performance.
  • Added to list of reserved domain names in click reporting.
  • Flowplayer engine upgraded to the latest version.
  • Audio video media players now use Quickview for improved UX.

Monkey Business 4.03.10

Released Thu, Aug 10 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Improved Video Player integration.
  • Improved Picture Slider integration.
  • Multimedia Manager now supports a custom configuration switch to disable use of custom on-demand pricing rules in the Pricing Manager for media access control.

Monkey Business 4.03.09

Released Tue, Aug 08 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Text Copier backend improved to use non-Flash technology, providing better cross-platform device support.
  • Search & Filter across all the Monkey Business Editor & Filemanager Dialogs improves workflow efficiency and user experience.
  • Retired Zeroclipboard due to use of Flash tech.
  • Fixed bug in the Autocomplete feature preventing custom change events from triggering.
  • Improved Video Player, upgraded to reduce dependency on Flash tech for greater cross-device support and improved user experience.

Monkey Business 4.03.08

Released Sun, Aug 06 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug triggering editor to grab-focus on page load while content is not loaded.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug in the Copy / Paste interaction with System Clipboard Data.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug in the Copy / Paste integration with Panel's input boxes.This prevents pasting into the input boxes like URL addresses for links, and so on.
  • Monkey Business Editor. Fixed a bug where the Delete keyboard shortcut does not recognize deleting text selections.

Monkey Business 4.03.07

Released Thu, Aug 03 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed critical bug the calculation of the width of resizable blocks to use floating numbers rather than integer values for more accuracy in resizing layouts with fractional pixels.
  • Toggle UI: Fixed critical bug in calculation of the ruler dimensions ( width / height ) on content produced by Content Managers; using floating numbers rather than integer values provides more accuracy and eliminates fractional pixel values.

Monkey Business 4.03.06

Released Wed, Aug 02 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Smart Toolbar's Dimensions now fixed to allow only use of max-width, min-width, max-height, min-height to avoid non-responsive content compositions.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Now supports a dedicated FillerText icon, allowing for fast content prototyping and layout. With the FillerText tool, quickly generate filler text, or lorem-ipsum text into layout blocks, or existing text title / content boxes.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Resolved conflict with the keyboard shortcuts assigned for Dimensions and Devices. Dimensions keyboard shortcut is now Ctrl + Alt + D, while Devices is now Ctrl + Alt + E.

Monkey Business 4.03.05

Released Wed, Aug 02 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Now sports Ruler - a visual aid when resizing Blocks, displays the width of the Block in pixels and percentage to aid precision layout.
  • Monkey Business Editor: The Smart Toolbar now supports custom dimensions controls for width, minimum width, maximum width, height, minimum height, maximum height.

Monkey Business 4.03.04

Released Mon, Jul 31 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed a bug affecting removing background images.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Now supports linking images, along with regular text links.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Smart Toolbar is now larger on devices with large displays like tablets and desktops, and remains sticky once dragged to a preferred location, improving workflow efficiency and user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Tools Panel now scrolls along with targeted content, and also remain sticky once dragged to a preferred location, improving workflow efficiency and user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Text Size option now available for Block contents allowing for a speedy way to apply instant global style rules to major segments of complex content productions.
  • Monkey Business Editor: New Content Group option turns any text selection into a content group that can be easily and fully styled as one coherent unit.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed image alignment issue affecting image presentation by adding 3px padding to the bottom.

Monkey Business 4.03.03

Released Mon, Jul 31 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed bugs in the navigation keyboard shortcuts - Tab and Escape. These controls now intelligently know to select/deselect the right content, and close dialogs and panels based on display order, priority and selection context. All together, these fixes delivers a smooth, efficient workflow for power users, and pros versed in keyboard shortcuts.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Rebuilt the save/update process to avoid changes to the selected / active content, and user interface controls. This results in precision work history, and frictionless background processing, saving and update of editor value / contents.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed bug in the logic for Resizable Blocks that sometimes result in inaccurate size / dimensions for complex composition. This fix now assures accurate, and precision layout all the time for a smooth, fun user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Improved, smarter Copy & Paste operations. Copy and paste with precision and ease, increases productivity, and more rewarding user experience. Precision copy & paste content within the editor. Clean copy & paste external content into the editor.
  • Smart List Boxes: Monkey Business now supports seamless transformation of regular select / listboxes into smart, combo listboxes that provides easy selection from available options, and entry of custom values.
  • User-friendly Monkey Business Editor Style Presets, take up less screen space, more compact, provides easier style exploration and experimentation, and enhances user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor Smart Toolbar options now supports custom styling for Text, Color, Background, Paddings, Margins, and Rounded Corners.

Monkey Business 4.03.02

Released Tue, Jul 25 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Monkey Business Editor: Fixed bug causing WYSIWYG view tools and commands triggering within the CODE view.
  • Fixed a critical bug introduced in the last release triggering errors in loading core javascript libraries, and disabling numerous features and functionalities.

Monkey Business 4.03.01

Released Sun, Jul 23 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed wysiwyg view toolbar icons showing up in the code view Monkey Business Editor 
  • Monkey Business Editor's Smart Toolbar now prioritizes content options ahead of styling options for smoother user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor Options Panel UI now closes on saving options, which can be reopened without deselecting the content using the brand new Content Options icon in the Smart Toolbar..
  • Monkey Business Editor now properly respects custom styling of links.
  • Monkey Business Editor does not automatically open Content Options panel on selection which provides user with better control and improves user experience.
  • Monkey Business Editor now has text transform options for greater typography / type content design and presentation.

Monkey Business 4.03.00

Released Fri, Jul 21 2017
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor. Brand new, redesigned from the grounds up for anyone to create and design great content for websites, email, and marketing. It features clean user interface, easy content layout, true WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) presentation, advance source code editing, drag and drop, cut and paste, smart tools & options, powerful style and design tools, keyboard shortcuts. Designed for speed and precision, the new Monkey Business Editor enable anyone to create compelling content in minutes. 
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • File Uploader: Rebuilt and improved. Flash-based foundation technology replaced with new HTML5 technology, eliminating usability bugs/issues caused by browsers disabling Flash by default on upgrades now. This upgrade also delivers improved user experience with an updated user interface, including accurate file size and upload progress indicators for each file, a brand new upload progress indicator for the upload session, and support for drag and drop upload of files and folders.

Monkey Business 4.02.13

Released Tue, May 30 2017
New Features
  • All new Autopilot Discounts Abandoned Carts Recovery drives conversions in the Online Store. About 50-60% of online orders started by customers are abandoned, and never completed. This autopilot feature is designed to help customers come back to complete these orders with incentives and interactive email marketing.


Monkey Business 4.02.12

Released Fri, May 26 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed bug affecting smooth scrolling on IOS / mobile devices.
  • Fixed bug in the Alert Dialog icon display size on mobile devices.
  • Fixed bug in scrolling to products listing when using store filters, improving user experience for mobile visitors.

Monkey Business 4.02.11

Released Wed, May 24 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Aesthetic improvements to the Newsfeed Alerts dialog container. Dialog now sports an Alert icon to connect user with the Newsfeed messages icon.
  • Click to Copy Paste function now supports customizable titles for more user-friendly messages. 
  • Traffic Reports: Expanded tracking data points including device, session_starts, session_type and user_agent.
  • Traffic Reports: Fixed a bug in the data capture for HTTP_REFERER on in-site page to page browsing.
  • Invoice Manager: fixed a formatting bug in the invoice order details view that applies a drop-shadow effect to the contents, resulting in fuzzy prints.
  • Addressbook & Accounts Update: Fixed a bug allowing users to update / delete addresses in their address books that is used in order apps, including orders from shopping cart / online store, resulting in incomplete order information on placed orders.
  • Base Styles: Fixed stacking order for autocomplete dialogs causing results displayed in dynamic queries to be hidden behind open dialogs.
  • Email Manager: Fixed bug introduced in last update preventing creation of email forwards.
  • Helpdesk Manager: Ticket Status Page is now themeable for user interface design customization with the Quick Style Wizard.

Monkey Business 4.02.10

Released Wed, May 10 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Newsfeed: Fixed a bug in the Newsfeed URL rules specifier preventing alerts delivery on targeted pages from working.
  • Fixed bug in the upgrade workflow installing the Newsfeed Dashboard link in the Shortcuts Menu.
  • Autopilot: All Autopilot Discount's Newsfeed posts are now marked with Priority set to Alert, making sure that messages are seen by users.
  • Email Manager: Mailboxes now save copies of email messages even when email forwarding is enabled for the mailbox.

Monkey Business 4.02.09

Released Wed, May 10 2017
New Features
  • Newsfeed: Create targeted messages to be delivered instantly to website users. Newsfeed alerts offer a new channel for efficient communications marketing for businesses.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements to the Management Reports.
  • Database: Enforce explicit closure of open database connections to improve overall server performance, reliability and user experience.
  • Catalog Manager: Fixed critical bug in the content_path calculator causing crashes due to a round-robin subcategory selections.

Monkey Business 4.02.08

Released Mon, May 01 2017
New Features
  • Newsfeed: Open, live, real-time, alerts / messages delivery to website visitors / users provides targeted and increased communications and engagement.
  • Autopilot: Intelligent rules-based operations management to drive ROI in marketing, sales, communications and customer experience.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Invoice Summary: Fixed a minor error identifying Pre-Orders as Paid Orders, eliminating confusion for customers.

Monkey Business 4.02.07

Released Fri, Apr 14 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Pictures Manager: Upgraded user interface for the Photo Slider, improving user experience on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Multimedia Ratings: Mouseover activated triggers for Ratings UI now automatically disabled on mobile and tablet devices to improve user experience.
  • Unified Search: Improved User Interface of  app's default design with sleek icons for a more modern, polished look.
  • Catalog Manager: Fixed a bug in the date sorting options available on the list of products.
  • Multimedia: Content Tags now published sorted and with duplicates removed for a more compact and user friendly user interface.

Monkey Business 4.02.06

Released Mon, Apr 10 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Upgraded PAYPAL payment processing integration to support new changes on the PAYPAL platform causing some payment processing workflow to fail, and preventing customers trying to use PAYPAL from completing orders.

Monkey Business 4.02.05

Released Mon, Apr 03 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes and maintenance patches improving user interface, data analytics, performance and configurability.

Monkey Business 4.02.04

Released Mon, Mar 20 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Online Store: Fixed a bug in the Dropshipper inventory sync causing deletion of content without a product_sku defined.
  • Order Manager: Changing order status to Cancelled or Shipped now automatically moves the order into the Abandoned or Closed queue, speeding up order processing workflow in the backoffice.
  • Online Store: Fixed bugs with how we handle Buy2bee product data map so that the right product identifiers ( i.e. gtin and mpn ) are mapped correctly to support large marketplaces such as Google Shopping Network.

Monkey Business 4.02.03

Released Mon, Mar 13 2017
New Features
  • Invoice Manager: A brand new simplified invoice summary template for more responsive and user friendly email messaging.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Forms Manager: Modifications to generated emails to support responsive display and presentation for improved user experience.
  • Online Store Dropshipper - Buy2bee order fulfillment now provides step by step audit to support reliability and troubleshooting of API order submission, resubmission, and status tracking.
  • Online Store: Order manager now automatically closes and update status for single package orders when package is shipped and tracking number provided, significantly reducing the administrative overhead / steps for this class of orders.
  • Helpdesk Manager: Aesthetic upgrades to the Helpdesk public facing user interface.

Monkey Business 4.02.02

Released Thu, Mar 02 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Online Store: Fixed a critical bug in the automatic catalog data export feeds  resulting incorrect product options for some products.  
  • Fixed a bug disabling the Flash Navigation Simulator when performance optimizations are enabled.
  • Fixed a bug disabling where email is not sent to customer when administrator resets password from the Account Dashboard of the Accounts Manager.
  • Catalog Manager: Products listing's Price, and Weight columns joins the Quantity and Options columns, in showing aggregate data across all product options, providing more informative data point for managing products with large number of options.
  • Backoffice: Quick Search results lists now properly stacked for better visibility and improved user experience.
  • Backoffice: Mobile responsive improvements for the default cpanel theme.
  • Advance Performance Optimizations now configurable in the Website Settings and Configurations Manager.
  • Online Store: Fancy Picture Viewer now prefetch large versions of the thumbnails in the background for quicker load and smoother user experience.
  • Fixed issues affecting browser support ( Firefox, IE, Edge ) for Onscreen Page Navigator.

Monkey Business 4.02.01

Released Sat, Feb 25 2017
New Features
  • Online Store - Brand new Fancy Picture Zoom and Magnifier for the online store. This improves user experience for shoppers on all devices. Native tablet support so it works great on mobile devices also. 

Monkey Business 4.02.00

Released Mon, Feb 20 2017
New Features
  • On-screen Page Navigator
  • Content Paths
  • Quick View
  • Animated Dialogs
  • Google Merchants Retail Marketplace support
  • Buy2bee Dropshipper Network support
  • Automatic Content Distribution Network (CDN) Invalidation 
  • Page Load Performance Enhancements
  • Custom Fonts & Responsive Designs in Email Marketing
  • Large Poster Text Design
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Numerous performance improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes

Monkey Business 4.01.10

Released Sat, Feb 11 2017
New Features
  • Page Navigator: An new user interface aid for easier navigation of page content, particularly long pages, on desktop, mobile and tablets. The Page Navigator can be found at the bottom right hand corner of every page. It has 3 simple, easy to use controls buttons: Go Up, Go Down, and Show Stops. The Page Navigator automatically creates stops for content on the page, enabling fun, efficient discovery and consumption of page content. Custom stops is created with ease in the The Monkey Business Editor by simply tagging the content with a pager-stop style preset.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Catalog Manager: Faster load of the products listing to support navigating large catalogs ( 20K+ products ); expanded sort order options ( ascending and descending ) for products listing, faster synchronization of product quantities and inventory status with drop-shipped supplier inventories; support for global unique product identifiers to enable seamless integration with third-party marketplaces like Google Shopping Network, and Amazon; fixed numerous bugs affecting automatic rescheduling of inventory syncs with remote suppliers.
  • Traffic Reports: New device data point for analysis and segmentation now classify traffic into desktop, mobile and tablet.

Monkey Business 4.01.09

Released Wed, Feb 01 2017
New Features
  • Catalog Manager & Online Store: Google Merchant & Shopping Network support; with automatic generation of google merchant product feeds, setup and selling in the Google Merchants & Shopping Network is now simplified so businesses can offer the products in the Google Shopping Marketplace.
  • Invoice Manager: Payment processor / method used to process payment is now prominently displayed on order receipts, along with optional and configurable requiring processor verification and agreement by users before submitting payments. This is designed to help reduce avoidable chargebacks due to customers not recognizing the payment processor names showing up in transactions on their banking statements.
  • Invoice Manager: New bo_non_revenue flag to support non-revenue impacting orders and workflows, for example in escrow funds management.
  • Performance Optimization: Automatic assets invalidation using version numbers now delivers seamless upgrades and invalidation across content delivery networks (CDNs) like Amazon Cloudfront, reducing management overhead for sites with performance optimization and content distribution activated. For others, it provides faster update of users browser local cache following upgrades to minimize errors and improving end-user performance and experience.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Catalog Manager: Fixed bug affecting dynamic loading of the user interface controls for Custom Pricing Options, and Warehouses for catalogs with 1000+ of these items.
  • Fixed data double-encoding issues that can be caused by data import/export/exchange between local catalog and third-party inventory management systems.
  • Numerous bug fixes to address issues in the new platform Performance Optimizations and Quick View features.
  • Quick Email: Redesigned user interface offers a cleaner, fluid and overall better experience. Quick Email now sends emails using the business and website standard email template.
  • Upload Tool: Redesigned user interface offers a cleaner, fluid and overall better experience.
  • Fullscreen Mode: Redesigned the fullscreen mode, activated by features such as Quick ViewPhoto Galleries, and Monkey Business Editor,  to address performance and legibility issues on tablet and mobile platforms.

Monkey Business 4.01.08

Released Sun, Jan 15 2017
New Features
  • Performance: Page rendering optimized for the fasted load time possible by relocating render-blocking javascript and css files.
  • Email Marketing: Support for custom fonts and responsive design in HTML messages for modern user-friendly email marketing.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Website Settings: Configure and activate Bing Webmaster Tools in the Social panel.
  • Website Settings: Social panel now renamed Connect, better reflecting the options in that panel.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the calculation of amount for the balance invoice for a partial payment made with virtual currency by the recent switch away from marking virtual currency payments as credits/discounts. 

Monkey Business 4.01.07

Released Wed, Jan 11 2017
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor: New Style Wizard Custom Attributes panel allows definition of custom html attributes, modification of attribute values directly and removal of attributes for faster design workflow for pros, enabling more complex design compositions.
  • Quick View: Quick view now supports custom configurations using simple HTML data attributes for easy and powerful custom content presentations.
  • Monkey Business Editor: New Style Wizard Quick View panel provides 4 new style presets to quickly configure and activate quick view of content compositions in full-screen and dialog containers.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Javascript Core: Improved the definition of windowScreen to deliver more accurate positioning of UI dialogs.
  • Online Store: New mobile tolerant quantity input controls ensures uninterrupted user experience for shoppers.
  • Online Store: Improved presentation for product pages; intelligent handling of missing product information for a more efficient use of real-estate space and better user experience particularly on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Mobile Support: Updated definitions for viewport meta-tag to fix zooming-related bugs on small devices. 

Monkey Business 4.01.06

Released Mon, Jan 02 2017
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Website Design Templates Manager: Numerous bug fixes with admin tools for managing design template-sets.
  • Website Design Template Sets: Default template-sets are now fully responsive.
  • Shopping Cart: Improved device support; Check Out workflow UIs for the shopping cart now fully responsive.
  • Online Store: Improved device support: Quick View UIs now fully responsive.
  • Catalog Manager: Fixed a critical bug preventing data entry for new products.

Monkey Business 4.01.05

Released Tue, Dec 27 2016
New Features
  • Virtual Currency:  New Fund Withdraw feature now allows users to withdraw funds from their escrow accounts. Access customizable to specific account / user groups for tight control for administrators.
  • Monkey Business Editor: Style Wizard Text Preset styles are now expanded to include 10 new levels of text content style presets ( content-0, content-7 to content-15 ), providing larger / poster font presets to support more modern content composition and presentation; and 9 new levels of font weight ( bold ) control ( bold-100 to bold-900 ).
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed bug disabling Content Preview Mode for administrators. Configuration now exported to the client-side namespace for better control over user interface customization.
  • Fixed bug in the Navigation Menu Publisher triggering inaccurate rendering / layouts of some designed menus.
  • Fixed bugs in the core style definitions affecting content layout designs... most important change is switching to border-box for box-resizing.
  • Fixed bug causing the Monkey Business Editor to be invisible in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed bug in the Content Slider preventing auto-height from working in responsive designs.

Monkey Business 4.01.04

Released Tue, Dec 20 2016
New Features
  • Pictures Manager: Quick View now supported by the Pictures Manager, allowing for a smoother user experience in navigating and consuming large photo albums or collections.
  • Unified Search: Ability to overload the Unified Search interface with a custom implementation of a search function site-wide without modifying the design theme / architecture.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Quick View: Standardize Quick View integration to support dynamic content loading via DYNAMIC, PAGE and CUSTOM configurations, all controlled with easy to setup instructions embedded in DOM data.
  • Pictures Manager: implements intelligent prefetching images to optimize user experience when viewing photo galleries. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Improved meta-data auto-generation for picture and album pages, along with broader cross-linking between related picture and album pages improves search engine indexing and content structure discovery.
  • Core Javascript: Streamlined core debugging outputs control and levels to simplify codebase and optimize troubleshooting.

Monkey Business 4.01.03

Released Sat, Dec 10 2016
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Online Store: numerous bug fixes and backward compatibility support in the new Quick View and Dynamic Add-to-Cart systems.

Monkey Business 4.01.02

Released Wed, Dec 07 2016
New Features
  • Online store: Content Paths provide quick access to parents of deep-linked store categories on category and product pages aiding efficient store exploration, product discovery and search engine indexing. Content Paths also deliver informative context in results in the Unified Search interface for store category links.
  • Integration: New site-wide configurations export to javascript namespace facility to efficiently share configurations with browser client native apps and user-interfaces.
  • Online Store: Dynamic Product Filters on store category pages to help shoppers navigate large catalogs ( 10K+ products ) efficiently.
  • Online Store: Infinity Scroll on store category pages provide a relaxing shopping experience aid in store navigation and product discovery.
  • Online Store: Quick View on store category, related products listings on product pages provides shoppers with a fluid, modern and efficient shopping experience.
  • Online Store: Dynamic Add-to-Cart store and site-wide provides shoppers with a fluid, modern and efficient shopping experience.
  • Online Store: Dynamic Product Layouts to support presentation requirements for boutique industries such as music, videos, auto-dealer, real-estate listings and so on.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Search Engines: Improved Dynamic Address (URL) Naming for products, store categories, blogs and other content to improve content indexing by search engines.
  • User Interface: Animated Dialogs provide a modern, fluid dynamic content display container for many core applications while improving end user interface experience.
  • Various bug fixes

Monkey Business 4.01.01

Released Sat, Nov 26 2016
New Features
  • Catalog Manager: product sku, quantity and inventory control now extends to compound product options and static product option values.
  • Dropshippers: Support for Buy2bee, the ecommerce platform for luxury designer clothing, shoes, accessories and dropshipping provider, and delivering instant access to 20K products / skus.
  • Data Importer: Data Importer core now supports definition of navigation structure for imported content and products, automatic creation of links and store categories, and pictures providing just the URL, all defined in the import data file, which can be a regular comma or tab-delimited text file.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Catalog Manager: improved page load performance for inventories with 20K+ products / skus.
  • Data Importer: Fixed a bug in the multimedia assets manager file import / check-in utility causing imports of remotely hosted media files to fail.

Monkey Business 4.01.00

Released Sun, Nov 06 2016
New Features
  • AJIBOYE Merchant Account - New seamless, fast, reliable payment processor allows you to accept all major credit card and echeck payments right on your website.
  • Brand new Effects+++ Preset Library in the Monkey Business Editor provides 66 beautiful animations to create beautiful online presentations.
  • Brand new User Interface Integrated Help Info system brings precise help information to every user interface item and app, making it easier to learn and use Monkey Business apps and features without reaching for manuals and documentation.
  • Brand new Infinity Scroll provides a modern, seamless loading of multi-page content on-demand, in the background for a more frictionless user experience.
  • Brand new Animated Alerts & Dialogs delivers a more polished, modern, and visually engaging user interface and experience for users.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed a critical bug in the Paypal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) support that can cause loss of records of custom invoices/orders echecks payments with delayed/verified 2-3 funding.
  • Fixed a critical bug in User Supplied Data Verification and Security System causing loss of special characters inputs in some applications such as the Catalog Manager

Monkey Business 4.00.07

Released Sun, Sep 18 2016
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Patches and hotfixes for the few critical bugs introduced with the last immediate release ( version 4.00.06 ) of Monkey Business
  • Fixed the bug causing Help Tooltips from properly displaying on multi-layered dialog window stacks.
  • Improved the display and seamless presentation of help / information on the new Dashboards.

Monkey Business 4.00.06

Released Sun, Sep 11 2016
New Features
  • Account Dashboard / Workflows now provide quick, useful and intelligent system-wide and account-specific stats, KPIs and information right on the My Account page, enabling easier adoption, discovery and learning to use features, tools and services.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • File Uploader: Fixed maximum file upload size limits across the system impacting successful file uploads on some websites due to incorrect interpretation of file upload size limits.
  • Account Summary app now completely rebuilt and integrated with the Quick Style Wizard for easier design customization.
  • Online Store product on-sale picture  now configurable in the Configurations Manager.
  • My Account page redesigned with better display of improved Account Dashboard / Workflows on all devices: desktop, mobile, tablets.

Monkey Business 4.00.05

Released Sun, Aug 14 2016
New Features
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports easy background color, image and fullscreen overrides on a per page basis.
  • Monkey Business Style Wizard now supports custom positioning specification ( top, right, bottom, left, z-index ) for even faster content layout and architecture design.
  • Monkey Business Editor now supports custom design theme class handles for content layout buffers and content areas for a faster custom theme design workflow.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Webmaster account initialization improvements help new users get started even easier with Monkey Business.
  • Backoffice website template ( cpanel ) fixed resolving scrolling issues in browsers.
  • Fixed bug in Style Wizard Theme Color customization tool.
  • Fixed bug in stacking order of user interface elements across the system for a smoother, less distracting workflow.
  • Performance improvements to the Mass Selection User Interface tool, now optimized for large data sets ( i.e. 5K+ ). This is particularly important for ecommerce operations managing catalogs with over 5000 products or more.
  • Unified Search now returns a Nothing Found message to provide a more useful feedback to the user when no content is found matching the query.

Monkey Business 4.00.04

Released Fri, Jul 22 2016
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Website Settings: Automatic generation and update of crossdomain.xml, info.txt, robots.txt files.
  • Order Manager: Now includes column indicating order from New or Returning customer.
  • Analytics & Management Reports: Fixed bug in incorrectly calculated average order KPI value for new customers in the Money analytics reports.
  • Email & Webmail:  Improved auto-login email and email admin tools workflow enforcing secure / encrypted connections.
  • Performance: Monkey Business now monitors and controls server resource utilization preventing system lockups and performance degradations due to processor and I/O intensive background operations such as backups resulting in over 300% improvement in loading time response for users.

Monkey Business 4.00.03

Released Sun, Jul 10 2016
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Events Manager: Improved UI for adding anonymous registration forms and fixed a bug in the email reporting of selected ticket type.
  • Sitemaps & SEO: Fixed bug in sitemaps and robots.txt compilation and submission to search engines. Sitemaps now includes direct links pictures, albums and profiles pages for faster search engine indexing.
  • Scheduler: System now automatically starts all basic services and daemons without user input.
  • Online Store & Profiles: Profiles pages are now integrated with online store pages and products providing seamless navigation and discovery of online store marketplace content and owner profile pages.
  • Online Store Checkout: Shipping options now displays as a list of radio options with no default options to make sure shoppers make a conscious selection.
  • Accounts: â€‹Account geolocation data now updated for easier segmentation of accounts for mailinglist targeting for email marketing and reporting.
  • Security. Login sessions now times out after a configurable period of inactivity improving security.
  • Analytics & Management Reports: Store analytics now includes order counts in addition to total order amounts.

Monkey Business 4.00.02

Released Wed, Jun 08 2016
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Events Manager - Rebuilt upcoming events publisher to include venue information, responsive layout for perfect presentation on all devices, and improved Style Wizard targeting options for easier, faster style and design integration.
  • Google API - Fixed bug clearing the Google Api Key configuration data for new Monkey Business installations.
  • Reconfigured default settings for page scrolling to allow for smoother, shorter scrolls, fixing the large, jumpy scrolls experienced by some users particularly on pages with long content.
  • Fixed a bug in the site-wide content preprocessor causing page sizes to balloon to performance impacting sizes on some pages.
  • Reconfigured scrollbars for a smoother, shorter scrolling experience.
  • Reports & Analytics - Store abandoned orders now recognizes only orders abandoned after checkout was initiated.
  • Security - Updated data handling with improved verification rules for user supplied data to guide against user driven attack vectors.

Monkey Business 4.00.01

Released Sun, May 22 2016
New Features
  • Shipping Manager now supports restrictions using Minimum Order amount, in addition to Maximum Order amount.
  • Google Analytics eCommerce transactions , Goals and Goal Values data reporting integration.
  • Links Manager support for smooth scrolling Pager Navigation.
  • Monkey Business Editor supports Sticky Animations and Transitions.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Replaced country name in XPS Parcel Service data integration with 2-letter country code to fix workflow issues.
  • Fixed a major performance impacting bug in the way the Style Wizard saves updated styles. 
  • Fixed numerous minor bugs, including the control panel (cpanel) scroll bug introduced in the last major release.

Monkey Business 4.00.00

Released Thu, Apr 21 2016
New Features
  • Full Color Reports & Analytics. User friendly charts and tools for easy examination, tracking and use of business data and performance. Access and view 50+ reports and key performance indicators (KPI) in gorgeous visualizations, print charts, and access underlying data. Management Reports are now organized in 9 easy sections: Summary, Money, Store, People, Content, Marketing, Traffic, Support, and Legacy
  • Support for XPS Parcel discounted shipping service / software, providing retail operations with cheaper shipping rates for all major shipping services including USPS, UPS, DHL, and Fedex.
  • The Layout Presets Library of the Monkey Business Editor's Style Wizard now includes quick float and clear presets.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed critical bug in the popular overlay action animation causing off-screen positioning of user interface elements, significantly in online store catalog / products layouts.
  • Fixed bug causing uploaded pictures to be resized to smaller thumbnail sizes when creating complete image sets for device optimized image delivery.
  • Tighter style integration of the shopping cart user interface with the Style Wizard for customization.
  • Expanded web services api use of http headers for secure web service authentication when coupled with SSL.
  • Fixed bug in the Monkey Business Editor preventing loading content in third-party content containers.
  • Communications Manager now using the optimized email broadcast queue for sending bulk / mass emails for more secure, error-free delivery.

Monkey Business 3.17.05

Released Mon, Apr 04 2016
New Features
  • New Monkey Business Editor Presets Libraries for even faster, content publishing, styling and presentation design.
  • New Effects++ presets library provides 6 new effects: rotate, rotatecc, rotate3d, rotate3dcc, scale and scale3d effects for quick content transformations.
  • New letter-spacing and word-spacing presets in the Texts presets library.
  • New Columns presets library to fast design of magazine, newspaper and news media style editorial layouts, and responsive designs.
  • New Dimensions presets library provides easier, focused and faster access to width and height control presets.
  • New Layers presets library allows for creating complex content design compositions with easy content container / layers control and behavior.
  • New Display presets library holds display control presets including opacity and show/hide/overflow controls.
  • New HTML presets library option for Presets and Custom Style Wizard panels provide quick and easy access to the raw HTML code for active selections.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed bug in Helpdesk Manager where new tickets are unsuccessfully created due to long-data column for the subject.
  • Fixed bug in Helpdesk Manager causing performance issues for websites with over 50K user accounts.
  • Improved Invoice Management Options screen in the Invoice Manager update screen.
  • Fixed bug in Commissions Manager where managers are unable to process mass commission payments with virtual currency for accounts with auto-pay disabled.
  • Fixed bug in random number generator allowing for even more randomness in selections.
  • Rebuilt Lorem Ipsum Text generator, incorporating natural frequencies of letter repeating in English language to generated texts allowing for closer approximation of mimic of natural latin language texts.
  • Reorganized and expanded presets in the Monkey Business Editor Presets Library for Basic, Effects++, Text, Columns, Dimensions, Layers, Display, and Layout.

Monkey Business 3.17.04

Released Sun, Mar 20 2016
New Features
  • New Effects presets library ( Effects+ ) with new 8 new effects for content design and presentation: blur, contrast, grayscale, sepia, invert, hue-rotate, brightness and drop shadow.
  • New Animations options. Now better control of animation triggers... you can now bind animations to the content, it's parent, grand-parent, great grand-parent, and great great grand parent containers. Expanded Animation Size control options to double, triple, quad and quint options.
  • New Animations Control options to control animation size, delay, and speed for each animation trigger point... onload, onclick, onmouseover, onmouseout, entersview, leavesview
  • New Animations options: moveupto, movedownto, moverightto, moveleftto, dimon, dimoff
  • New Scrollbar design and theming controls for nicer looking scrollbars in all major browsers.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Bug fixes, stability improvements and performance optimizations in new core animations and javascript libraries.
  • Monkey Business Editor's Style Wizard presets panel reorganization for improved visibility and accessibility. Outlines presets now moved into the Borders Presets Library. Small, medium, large and x-large gradient preset libraries are now merged into one single Gradients Presets Library.
  • Performance improvements to the Unified Search, particularly for websites with large content and online store catalogs.
  • Improved support for all major browsers for even more consistent content presentation on all devices.
  • Commission calculations and payouts now rounded to 2 decimal places for accurate currency conversions.

Monkey Business 3.17.03

Released Sat, Mar 05 2016
New Features
  • Expanded animation options in the Monkey Business Editor allowing fast and easy animation of content. Easy apply move, fade and zoom effects to any content at any of the following: onload, onmouseover, onmouseout and onclick.
  • Automatic syncing of the content templatescustom codes and link-exchange business directory data on website upgrades to provide a complete availability of shared content in local repositories.
  • Improved CSS code storage and formatting support by the Monkey Business Editor.
  • Improved handling of newlines expands cross-platform support for all major operating systems: Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Performance optimizations can now be activated or deactivated conveniently in Website Settings. Performance optimizations are not automatically disabled by the Style Wizard and Mobile Style Wizard tools to improve style / design tools usability and performance.
  • New html and body selectors for the Mobile Style Wizard provides easier targeting, style and design of base typography for the website / theme.
  • New content data source priority settings in the Unified Search provides a more intuitive order of search results.
  • New mobile height setting for text groups now provides finer control over the height of text groups on mobile devices.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed error in adding new addresses in the shopping cart checkout workflow, which affects a portion of new accounts.
  • Fixed error in the new themes installation preventing remotely hosted media assets from complete and accurate installation.
  • Fixed layout error in the the shopping cart checkout page for address and contact information to assure consistent rendering on all devices.
  • Fixed performance bug in style wizard and mobile style wizard when performance optimizations are activated.
  • Fixed error affecting display of multimedia on mobile devices resolving issues where media players or dialog windows are larger than available viewport on the device.

Monkey Business 3.17.02

Released Sat, Feb 13 2016
New Features:
  • New custom effects (20+ custom effects) in the content editor now allows for publishing very interesting visually appealing content. Effects can be applied to text, images and other content containers.
  • New custom animation ( overlay action animation ) in the content editor.
  • Next text and box shadow presets ( 5 text and 5 box presets ) in the content editor provides a faster option to customizing text shadows.
  • Streaming fonts previews now include font effects previews for a more efficient font discovery and consumption.
  • New Search & Filter option in the Quick Style Wizard tool delivers faster and more efficient targeting, cutting the time to get design tasks done significantly.
  • Expanded Monkey Images now has over 400K icons, up from the 80K at launch.
  • Monkey Business Themes Marketplace is now live with 5 professionally designed, responsive, mobile friendly themes. More to come daily going forward. Purchased Custom Themes now listed on My Projects, where themes can be reinstalled if need.
Bug Fixes and improvements
  • Fixed numerous bugs and performance issues with new streaming fonts preview and selection service.
  • Fixed bugs in the website templates previews.
  • Fixed bugs in mobile handling for text / groups content managers.
  • Fixed bugs in marketing automation allowing delivery of email messages to user accounts that have been closed or unsubscribed i.e. Global Do Not Email List.
  • Rebuilt support for HTML5 DOCTYPE to assure faster preprocessing, efficiency and accuracy.
  • Update the default contents for all major website templates.
  • Fixed bug affecting publishing of CSS code in the custom code publisher.
  • Sell This Template tool improvements brings order and relative context to the generated previews.
  • Fixed bugs with On-the-fly options for customizing Shopping Cart order / post-processing workflows.
  • Fixed major bug in accurate activation and rendering of all variants of custom Google fonts. 
  • Numerous core style and presentation bug fixes.
  • Content Handlers now provides better placement of Triggers addressing issues where content triggers are hidden and inaccessible, preventing easier access to content update UIs.

Monkey Business 3.17.01

Released Fri, Jan 29 2016
New Features
Stock Images Search tool, in addition to Selection operation, now supports Download to PC and Save to Directory operations. 
Monkey Images provide over 13000 free icons, and is an integrated data source for the Stock Images Search tool.
File Manager now gets the new stock images search and exploration tools.
Monkey Business API now available for everyone to design and execute comprehensive web service apis to their products and services with ease.
Bug Fix & Improvements
CRITICAL - Fixed error in the streaming Flickr Stock Image library integration preventing queries from yielding results.
CRITICAL - Fixed performance issues with navigating the large resultset pages; results are now cached with easy back and forward controllers to navigate to locate the right picture for the right message.
CRITICAL - Fixed Remote Fonts previews build issues; previews are now installed with upgrades avoiding the initial load delays when navigating over 700 fonts in the Google free fonts library.
MINOR - form manager delivering messages now setting RCPT to SENDER email when available for smoother email reply post-processing workflows.

Monkey Business 3.17.00

Released Mon, Jan 25 2016
New Features
Support responsive typography to enhance custom design template themes production. Design and author in any unit ( default is pixel ), and Monkey Business automatically converts to REMS for a seamless, more efficient workflow.
Responsive typography can be enabled or disabled in Website Settings > Mobile, allowing for older websites to control when to coordinate efforts to activate and implement responsive typography for their older, aging custom website design templates in production.
Support for remote image libraries from Gettys and Flicker to provide for faster image discovery for blogging and media compositions.
Support remote font libraries from Google and Typekit to provide for faster fonts discovery, installation and activation in design and presentation.
Bug Fixes & Improvements
Fixed data storage bug preventing content templates synchronization.
Fixed bug in getting and calculating image dimensions for remote images..
PageBuilder File Manager Select Image user interface improved to display a more compact image browsing and exploration view for a faster workflow.
Fixed bug in the Style Wizard Font's configuration causing all custom webfonts installed to be removed when any one is deleted.

Monkey Business 3.16.26

Released Fri, Jan 15 2016
New Features:
Custom Website Designs ( Themes ) Marketplace integration. You can now buy and sell custom designs in the new themes marketplace.
New Themes Packager makes it easy and fast to package, and list your custom design themes in the marketplace.
Commissions manager now supports batch or consolidated commision processing to speed up workflow.
Commissions manager now supports paying commissions with virtual currency.
Saving remove files locally performance improvements delivers performance gains of 120% for faster processing.
Bug Fixes & Improvements: 
Fixed bug in the store presentation preventing custom options from been displayed when in mobile view.
Improvements to the shopping cart checkout and payment processing workflow.
Catalog Manager, Texts Manager (Articles & Blogs) now supports ROBOTS META TAG for better control of store categories and product pages search engine indexing.
Numerous stability and performance improvements to the core.

Monkey Business 3.16.25

Released Thu, Dec 24 2015
Improvements & Bug Fixes 
Catalog manager pricing options now supports mixing color names with hex codes.
Mobile Style Wizard incorrect template saving bug now fixed.
Mobile Style Wizard save-styles-to-template queue now processed 1000% faster to prevent saving errors and improving usability and stability.
Invoice template and user interface got a significant upgrade.
Fixed error in HTML email packager using default website template instead of the active current template for embedded styles.
Website Settings Online bug causing system lockout: now, administrators cannot activate both Under Construction and System Down-Time at the same time, preventing lockouts.

Monkey Business 3.16.24

Released Sat, Dec 19 2015
New Features
Pagebuilder editor now supports publishing and embedding the Helpdesk User Interface on any page via custom code library.
Pagebuilder editor now supports publishing and embedding the Rewards User Interface on any page via custom code library.
Rewards manager now supports drag and drop operations for arranging rewards.
Pagebuilder editor now supports publishing and embedding the Virtual Currency User interface on any page via custom code library.
Helpdesk & Leads Manager now provides Send to FAQs feature, allowing for a faster publishing workflow in leveraging answers to new issues and questions surfacing in the Helpdesk.
Helpdesk & Leads Manager now provides Send to Forums feature, allowing for a faster publishing workflow in leveraging answers to new issues and questions surfacing in the Helpdesk.
Improvements & Bug Fixes
Floating dialog resize and positioning bugs fixed.
Rewards manager user interface improvements.
Helpdesk & Leads Manager user interface improvements.
Virtual Currency user interface improvements.

Monkey Business 3.16.23

Released Sat, Dec 12 2015
Improvements & Bug Fixes
Style Wizard now auto-scrolls to custom design targets, allowing for a smoother custom design and styling experience.
Stability improvements and bug fixes to floating dialog windows. Reported window crashes resolved.
Stability improvements and bug fixes to the PageBuilder editor. A host of content publishing user interface issues addressed, particularly default settings for publishing embedded app content in design compositions.
PageBuilder now supports advance custom design styling for embedded content much more flexible, preserving original design theme/template styling, while allowing for style override and customization by simply specifying an alternate CSS class name for styling. Customizations are saved natively in the targeted template stylesheet, preserving customizations beyond upgrades and core modifications.
Events Manager Mini Calendar app upgraded with more intuitive functionality and improved style. The calendar now loads data via XHR/AJAX for better performance, provides a more visual indicator for days with events for better user experience, and preloads shows previews / snippets for events available in the month for a better functionality.
PageBuilder now supports publishing customized forum / discussion room feeds, customized, publishing customized knowledgebase directories, and publishing customized unified search interfaces. Other content feeds user interfaces are upgraded with new functionalities and bug fixes, including the events app, the documents app, pictures / albums app, raffles app and FAQs app.
Expanded support of named colors now allows for accurate color specifications for over 2000 colors by name.
Fixed critical javascript bug in the online store custom order workflow.

Monkey Business 3.16.22

Released Sat, Nov 28 2015
New Features
New support for compound product custom pricing options, providing even more flexibility in creating accurate order experience for products and services requiring detail customization.
New support for CSS animation ( Float in Place ) to improve presentation and user experience for compact content listings such as store products & categories.
New Improvements
Form manager now automatically rebuilds form GUI data for imported data into custom databases.
Catalog Manager, Texts & Groups Manager (Articles, Blogs & Knowledgebases), Forums now supports ROBOTS META TAG for better control of store categories, product, discussion board, and knowledgebase pages search engine indexing.
Bug Fixes
Floating dialog window screen overflow issue fixed.
Various dialog window size / alignment issues with the website settings / style wizard tools fixed.

Monkey Business 3.16.21

Released Sun, Nov 15 2015
Quick Style Wizard now sports a more compact vertical layout, providing better user experience, and faster workflow.
Templates Manager now sports a new search & filter for templates.
Catalog Manager now sports a new search & filter for pricing options and warehouses.
Bug Fixes:
Pagebuilder editor macro formatting bug is now fixed. 
Dialogs now scroll with window.

Monkey Business 3.16.20

Released Thu, Nov 12 2015
Bug Fixes:
Invoice Manager Payment Page now transitions smoothly to third-party payment pages for external providers like Paypal, 2CheckOut, etc.
Invoice Manager Refund function now preserves dynamic invoices from been deleted upon refunds.
Catalog Manager Product Options to Shopping Cart Transfer bug fixed.
Shopping Cart Tax formating changed to standard format.
Shopping Cart Checkout UI layout fixes to handle large / long address data sets.
Various minor bugs in checkout workflows

Monkey Business 3.16.19

Released Fri, Nov 06 2015
New Features: Salesforce Management
Links manager now have options to specify and export individual links as Text Links for the salesforce to copy and share online.
A new Text Links publisher for easy publishing of customized / personalized text links with embedded Partner IDs, making it easier for salesforce to simply copy and share the highest priority link content in their online marketing campaigns.
Bug Fixes: 
Currency formatting improvements in client-side javascript library.
Banner Links publisher fixed to embed Salesforce Partner IDs to all salesforce banners.
Mobile template style fixed to address layout overflow issues of page content over the sitemap content.
Shipping Manager UI layout bug when creating formula-based shipping options fixed.

Monkey Business 3.16.18

Released Mon, Nov 02 2015
New Features: Catalog Manager & Shopping Cart
Catalog manager extensions now support easy boutique / custom T-Shirt orders with custom visual configurator.
Bug Fixes: All Business Apps
Fixed issue custom codes in the application payloads manager broken in editor.

Monkey Business 3.16.17

Released Fri, Oct 23 2015
 New Features: Pictures Manager
New picture albums meta data now supports ranking and tagging.
Unified search now includes picture albums in results.
Pictures Manager listing of pictures and albums is now paged for performance and easier navigation.
Pictures & Albums now supports ranking and tagging.

Monkey Business 3.16.16

Released Mon, Oct 19 2015
Improvements: FAQs Manager
Fix the display auto-hide to also auto-scroll to the top of the active FAQ for a smoother reading experience
New Features: Helpdesk Manager
New Helpdesk UI from a form in the Form Manager allows for easier customization of Helpdesk UI.
A new My Helpdesk page provides listing of the helpdesk tickets and links to case history for accounts. 
Ticket communication workflow now includes ability to upload / attach files to messages.
CRM/Helpdesk management page now includes ability to upload / attach files to messages.
New Features: Survey Manager
Ability to view responses per session, and view session traffic activity.

Monkey Business 3.16.15

Released Mon, Oct 12 2015
New Features: Profiles Manager
Profile pages now completely styleable with the Style Wizard.
Profile pages support optional widescreen cover pictures or inline cover pictures.
Addthis social share tools integration with profile pages.
New Features: Multimedia Manager
Support for cover images for all media types: audio / music, videos and photos
Provide a cover image for collections / albums.
Provide a cover image for individual media / tracks.
New playlist button to match ratings controls.
Support for media extended information and links.
Addthis social share tools integration with multimedia collection pages.
Addthis social share tools integration with multimedia media pages.
Bug Fixes: Pagebuilder
Fixed issues with embedded content Publish UI's failing to load default settings, or failing the load selected options for the content.
Bug Fixes: Account Types Manager
Layout issue with Account Type Model admin page fixed.
Bug Fixes: WWWdomains Manager
Fixed issue with Renewing Domain Names with Privacy failing to process successfully.

Monkey Business 3.16.14

Released Fri, Oct 02 2015
 New Features: Style Wizard, Quick Style Wizard
Now supports alignment options horizontal alignment, vertical alignment.
Now supports Maximum / Minimum Width & Height.
New Features: Style Wizard
Style wizard now sports a more compact UI, reducing screen real estate required to use the tool.
Improvements: Online Store / Catalog Manager 
Store products per page options now accurate for default large settings.
Now able to configure default template for picture navigation of sub-categories.
Bug Fixes: Pictures Manager
Improved presentation layout skinning options for albums view. 
Bug Fixes: Base Styles
Fixed issue with long website names awkward default display
Bug Fixes: Pagebuilder Editor 
Update Text Group function now correctly retains previous settings.

Monkey Business 3.16.13

Released Sat, Sep 26 2015
New Features: Business Process Automation
New publicly accessible configurable email sharing workflow.
New Features: Forms Manager
Forms now sport skinnable styling. Override the class name for better design control and presentation of forms.
Bug Fixes: Pagebuilder
Fixed errors triggered by browser specific checks on console.log.
Bug Fixes: Online Store
Fixed issue with backward compatibility for old catalog templating macros.

Monkey Business 3.16.12

Released Thu, Aug 27 2015
New Features: Forms Manager
Forms Manager now supports precise definition of database column  data types and default values. 
We can also specify the sort column for data saved into custom databases.
New Feature: Billing, Invoices, Virtual Currency ( Payment Wallet )
Accounts with funds in the Payment Wallet or Virtual Currency can now automatically use if for paying automated invoices.
Performance Improvements: Unified Search
We can now put a configurable limit on the number of records returned from each data source supported by the Unified Search app. This greatly improves performance of the app for websites with tons of information, particularly ecommerce websites with large catalogs.
Numerous bug fixes to security, performance and standards compliance enhancement features introduced in the latest recent releases.

Monkey Business 3.16.11

Released Sat, Aug 15 2015
New Feature: Dynamic Custom SEO'zed Web Addresses for Custom Apps 
Now easily, and quickly create custom web addressed that are perfectly optimized for search engines for all your custom business apps.
Bug Fixes: Events Manager
Fixed issue with Guestlist entries during events registration.
Bug Fixes: Online Store
Fixed issue with buy buttons when using smart mode. System now prompts customers that did not enter quantity to do so; this avoids the confusion resulting when the shopping cart do not reflects products customers are trying to buy because they did not enter quantity.
Bug Fixes: FAQs Manager & Documents Manager
Categories & listings now sports a cleaner index page and supports rel=canonical addressing.
Bug Fixes: Business Directory & Links Exchange Manager
Directory listings now sport SEO'zed URLs and respects rel=canonical addressing.

Monkey Business 3.16.10

Released Mon, Aug 03 2015
Bug Fixes
Numerous bug fixes.
Performance Improvements: Pagebuilder & Style Wizard
Fixed issues with browser/javascript memory leak to improve performance.

Monkey Business 3.16.09

Released Mon, Jul 13 2015
New Features: Filemanager
Download entire folders.
Automatical lossless image optimization upon upload for fast delivery to users.
Performance Improvements
Load time improved by over 40%. Average page loads under 1.5 seconds!
Bug Fixes
Numerous bugs across all apps relating to checkbox and radio button selectors.

Monkey Business 3.16.08

Released Wed, Jul 08 2015
New Features: All Apps
Full HTML5 code compliance; 100% validated code.
Bug Fixes
Optimized HTML5 code production assures accurate content analysis by search engines.

Monkey Business 3.16.07

Released Sat, Jul 04 2015
New Features: PageBuilder & Style Wizard
Copy / paste across browser windows for a smoother and faster, multi-page content publishing workflow
Bug Fixes: PageBuilder & Style Wizard
Style wizard action buttons not responding to click events is now fixed.
Bug Fixes: Various Apps
Fixed issues with rel=canonical support across various apps.

Monkey Business 3.16.06

Released Mon, Jun 29 2015
New Features: PageBuilder & Style Wizard
Add Page function now allows selection of the website template for the new page link, speeding up the publishing workflow. 
Automatic maximum width set for full webpage editor now constrains content editing space to the available space in the active website template.
New parent container, and New container before selection options allows for even faster content layout.
New Features: Accounts Manager
Close Account Dashboard option for administrators.
Disable Account Dashboard option for administrators.
Saved Orders Dashboard option for administrators.
Wishlist Dashboard option for administrators.
Account Search now matches phone contacts, full address, company name and type.
Improvements: Online Store / Catalog Manager
Better visual presentation of discounts on product pricing in the store.
Seamless "Add to Wishlist" functionality
Restructured bottom navigation options ( Social Sharing and Go Back ) for store-related pages.
Improvements: Communications Manager ( Email Marketing ) & Marketing Automation
Email contacts in static mailinglists like delimited text files are now automatically added to the Accounts database, creating user accounts for the email address provides easier, faster and seamless aggregation of all email contacts in the business universe for comprehensive management , communication targeting and experience management.
Email messages created in the communications manager can now also be driven by the Marketing Automation system, freeing up content managers from managing distribution messages for automated email marketing, but also synchronizing the email messages sent via the communication manager with other email messages from other apps, enforcing the email delivery limits per contact  rules.

Monkey Business 3.16.05

Released Sat, Jun 27 2015
New Features: PageBuilder & Style Wizard
Style wizard now supports box and text shadows
Style wizard now supports background size
Bug Fixes: Marketing Automation
Fixed performance issues when handling deliveries to 15K+ mailinglists on email channel
Fixed issue with marketing automation sending blank email messages
New Features: Search Engine Optimization
Support for rel=canonical tag - Automatically generate tags to indicate original content, preventing duplicate content in search engines and consolidating ranking authority to the original content page.
Support for meta=robots tag - Providing better content search engine robot indexing control on a page by page level.
Improvements: Events Manager
Smarter events listing now supports automatic segmentation of upcoming and past events for a more intelligent listing and events discovery for users.
New Features: Shopping Carts
Seamless handling of older order receipts to support retrieval and access to older ( pre version 3.16.00 ) order details incompatible with the new order view.
New Features: Text Groups
New support for mobile template for layout design. This allows for easy override of complex text content presentations for mobile devices.
Improvements: Mobile-friendly Support
Additional CSS style for target display control of content for tablets.

Monkey Business 3.16.04

Released Sun, Jun 14 2015
New Features: Pagebuilder
New iframe publishing options to enable easier embedding of remotely hosted content on webpages.
Image, Video, Flash Video and Music publishing tools now support quick Responsive dimensions setup.
Performance Enhancements: Catalog Manager
Selective loading of required products information improves performance for administrating large catalogs ( 2K+ items ) by 60%. 
Better Tablet PC Support
Replace ugly browser alert, prompt and confirm functions that is not supported by Microsoft Tablet devices with nicer looking pure HTML versions for full cross-platform support.

Monkey Business 3.16.03

Released Thu, Jun 11 2015
Bug Fixes: Shopping Cart & Catalog Manager
Products missing preview images are now automatically fixed.
Easy configuration to turn off support for digital goods if not needed to assure correct handling of product warehouse options for cart product packaging.
Bug Fixes: IE Browser specific
Fixed soundmanager error output in older versions of IE.***critical ****
Fixed the mass selector tools for IE.

Monkey Business 3.16.02

Released Wed, Jun 10 2015
New Features: Social Media
Native support for Google+ social media page and rel=publisher
New Features: Task Scheduler
Expiration date for stopping automatic processing of scheduled tasks.
User interface improvements.
New Features: Bug fixes
Fixed alt= tag information for images to improve search engine optimization ( SEO )

Monkey Business 3.16.01

Released Sun, Jun 07 2015
New Features: Shopping Cart
Now supports pre-orders, purchase orders and final orders.
Now supports single unsaved carts mode, where items in the shopping cart remains there when customer logs back again.
New Features: Catalog Manager
Advance display for products with multiple options for batch selection with quantities to the shopping cart.
Products on sale now sports a graphic On Sale image overlay for greater visibility
Bug Fixes: All Apps
Bug causing inability to delete content when content listing is paged is now fixed. 
Updated configuration for complete video media browser set to include flash F4V format to support older IE browsers.

Monkey Business 3.16.00

Released Sun, May 31 2015
New Features: Mobile Support 
Stable mobile support across all apps!
Website content delivered optimized for device screen resolution.
Intelligently formats display for optimal viewing on all devices.
Mobile configuration screen on the website settings page for easy activation and customization.
Special configuration for including / excluding tablets in mobile support view.
Responsive design and theme controls in the content editor to support quick and easy publishing of content to support fluid / responsive content for optimal mobile support.

Monkey Business 3.15.42

Released Tue, May 26 2015
New Features: Mobile Support
Easy configuration of mobile website support for mobile devices. 

Monkey Business 3.15.41

Released Sat, May 23 2015
New Features: Profiles Manager
Now supports autopublishing of profile blog entries to the general blogs for better content aggregation, distribution and consumption.
Links App for Profiles.
New Features: Knowledgebase
Table of Content in Knowledgebases now includes a link to the Table of Content page.

Monkey Business 3.15.40

Released Mon, May 18 2015
New Features: Salesforce Manager & Commissions Manager
Lifetime commissions activation now configurable.
No longer creating commission records for inactive accounts by default.
New Features: Events Manager
Ability to turn off events registration
Now have a proper My Events page to show just the events for the logged in account.
Events page now includes a button to My Events.
Now can turn / off banner ads in the events manager admin update pages to reduce UI clutter if banner ads not used.
New Features: Online Store
Now have the ability to do custom design on listing of sub-categories by setting up a custom listing template for store-wide application.
New Features: Documents Manager
Publishing documents categories now publish category title in header
Bug Fixes: Task Scheduler
Fixed issue in execution of tasks where tasks are not executed ( skipped ) due to ongoing execution of previous large tasks.
Bug Fixes: Style Wizard
User-friendly fonts name display to aid easier selection.
Bug Fixes: Invoice Manager
Offsite payment processors ( i.e. PAYPAL, CCBILL, 2CHECKOUT, etc.) workflow now properly creating balance invoice records for when partial payments are made.
Fixed invoice view of virtual currency payments reporting when discount codes are applied.

Monkey Business 3.15.39

Released Sun, Apr 19 2015
New Features: Accounts Manager
Data validation improvements on creating new accounts.
New Features: All Apps
Case-insensitive search and filter option on selecting from massive lists.
Case-insensitive search and filter option on display ordering for links and texts.
New Features: Catalog Manager
Improved product listing page navigation with selectable page size, now supports Show All option, maintaining state of selection.
Upgraded the store category pictures user interface to match functionality in products.
Continue shopping buttons now uses browser history to assure smooth, intuitive shopper experience in online store.
Extended macro definitions for online store category templating using store category pictures.
Bug Fixes: Unified Search
Macros in search content is now properly replaced.

Monkey Business 3.15.38

Released Mon, Apr 13 2015
New Features: Control panel template
Unified search options placed at the top corners of the template for improved backoffice navigation.
New Features: Accounts Manager & Account Security
Improved security profile for the accounts update page.
Improved continuous authentication regime with randomized keys.
Bug Fixes: Accounts Manager
Fixed continuous authentication to include active state of account in validation check.
Bug Fixes: Invoice Manager
Fixed bug affecting VIRTUAL CURRENCY payment submission processing.
Bug Fixes: Misc Items
Fixed the upgrade bug affecting resetting values to default.

Monkey Business 3.15.37

Released Fri, Apr 10 2015
New Features: Website Settings
Quick localization setup. Set your business / website country, language, currency, and date information.
Activation control options for anonymous browsing.
Activation control options for simulated flash navigation animation.
New Features: Business Process Rules
Disable anonymous browsing - Require your website users to create an account before they can access otherwise publicly accessible portions of your website.
New Features: Account Manager and Account Types Manager
New account approval workflow - New option in the Account Types Manager. New accounts are automatically appropriately tagged. Use tags to find and filter accounts in the Accounts manager. Approval Status integrated into the Accounts Dashboard. Easy approval process.
Fast free-form search using date-filter keywords: today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, this quarter, last quarter, this year, last year
New Features: Shopping Cart  & Order Manager
Support for PURCHASE ORDERS, checkout and order management.
Bug Fixes: Salesforce Manager
Fixed bug in aid= style tracking for salesforce linked resources.
Bug Fixes: Traffic Analyics
Fixed bug in extracting search engine keywords used to find the website for specific search engines including, and others.
Add support for 50 new search engines.

Monkey Business 3.15.36

Released Mon, Apr 06 2015
New Features: Website Settings
Quickly configure your Online Store: set options for Catalog, Presentation, Inventory, Email & Salesforce Marketing, Marketplace, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Taxes, Orders Management and Security.
Bug Fixes: Data Importer
Numerous bug fixes to fix data initialization and relationship retention requirements 

Monkey Business 3.15.35

Released Tue, Mar 31 2015
New Features: Data Importer
Supports preserving relationship between existing data records.
Dedicated user accounts data import tool
Dedicated store categories data import tool
Dedicated store products data import tool
Dedicated store pictures data import tool
Bug Fixes: Data Importer
Fix 500 internal error on importing events and store products data files

Monkey Business 3.15.34

Released Mon, Mar 30 2015
New Features: Forms Manager
Supports choosing specific file types to upload: any, fonts, pictures, music, videos, creative design, word, excel, pdfs, webpages
Supports choosing color picker
Specify form primary columns for custom databases
Browse data user interface upgrades
Bug Fixes: Invoice Manager
Application of discount codes maximum amount limits
Bug Fixes: Clicks Report

Monkey Business 3.15.33

Released Thu, Mar 19 2015
New Features: Milestones Manager
Now, you can target and drive milestones with data stored in custom databases.
Bug Fixes: Milestones Manager
Fixed missing primary target data filter selector option for invoices.
Bug Fixes: Email Message Packager
Fixed ordering and application of custom styles for perfect HTML email display.

Monkey Business 3.15.32

Released Sun, Mar 15 2015
New Features: Profiles Manager
Team-wide workspace so all team members can see all tasks pending
Add follower options on Tasks, Roles and Projects
Bug Fixes: Events Manager
Hide play connect game entry UI once event is over.

Monkey Business 3.15.31

Released Sat, Mar 14 2015
New Features: Discount Codes Manager
Limit usage per account
Limit usage per maximum order
Limit usage per order types
New Features: Invoice Manager
Support new discount codes limit controls
New Features: Shopping Carts
Support new discount codes limits control

Monkey Business 3.15.30

Released Fri, Mar 13 2015
Bug fixes: Forms Manager
Saving data to new and dedicated database tables supports MySQL 5.x SQL constructs
New features: Forms Manager
Order forms can now allow / disable partial payments
Preview forms right from the forms manager
Browse form data right from the forms manager
Export / Download form data right from the forms manager.