Sell Smarter, not Harder. Join our Affiliate Partner Program, and earn Pay per Sale commissions for life. An opportunity to Build your Business, Work Less, Earn More, for Life!

SELL ONCE, AND get paid per sale for LIFE.

Sell Once. Earn Commissions per Sale for Life!

Are you a relentless Sales Pro versed in finding and selling to small business customers on Main Street?

If so, partner & profit with us to sell professional web agency solutions to business customers in your neck of the wood. You will sell and earn more, faster, easier with minimal sales effort on your part.
Sales is hard work. So imagine a world, where you spend 30 minutes to find a customer, prepare a comprehensive quote in 5, email it instantly, they buy, and you earn a sales commission for your effort.
Now, imagine every time that customer make additional purchases, without you lifting a finger, you continue to earn. On every future order, for Life!
This is what our program is all about: selling business staple solutions to small businesses, in a smarter, faster Sales workflow. You own your accounts, and earn commissions for all purchases made by your accounts, forever.
Yeah, we think it's a pretty sweet deal. And, we absolutely think you deserve it because, after all, Sales is really hard work.
Think Smart.
Build your business with our plan
And, our plan is a pretty simple one.
Think partner.
You focus on Sales; you acquire, and own your small business accounts.
We focus on Service; we do the work, and keep you paid for Life.
Yes, the plan is really that simple.
You do what you do best, and we do what we do best. A win-win partnership.
Think Monkey Business Agency.
We provide the Technology and Expertise businesses need to succeed.
Think market.
So, what exactly are we selling? And, to whom?
We sell web agency solutions to small businesses.
Think startups, mom and pop operations, lawyers, doctors, accountants, architects, retail stores, beauty salons, car dealerships, and so on. You get the picture.
Small businesses are all around us. They make up 80% of the businesses out there. In the course of building and running their operations, they need, seek, and actively consume web agency solutions.
In fact, the average small business spends at least $ 10K per year on these solutions.
The average growing small business spend even more; over $ 100K per year as business growth accelerates.
The final kicker... with 2.5 million new startups in the US alone every single year, there is a large, growing market for you to reach, and sell.
When you do, you earn 5% commission, on all purchases made by each account you acquire, for the Life of the account.
Think ownership.
The key to lifetime earning, is account ownership, where it matters... getting paid for the account's repeat and lifetime business.
This key is what we offer you; it's the key to building your own successful, and independent Sales business.
Remember, over time, small business accounts don't spend less; driven by growth, they spend more. When they do, you earn even more, while doing absolutely nothing.
Let's repeat that.... you do nothing more, and still get paid.
So the only question remaining is,
"How long will it take you to sell an account?"
Think process.
As in Sales Process.
Sales is hard because the process of selling is often long, and time consuming.
The pitches, presentations, negotiations and haggling over minute details of contract can wear on even the most dedicated salesperson.
That's why we have a simple 3 step process, that involves no "selling".
Yes... it bears repeating: You do absolutely no selling. 
You simply provide a quote for what your potential customer needs.
Quote in minutes, and forget about it.
Create a Project Plan / Quote in minutes for what your customer needs now.
Email Project Plan / Quote instantly to your customer for review and consideration.
Customer reviews and buys.We handle customer calls on Project Plans / Quotes.
You find a customer, and deliver the quote. We do the rest.
Think smarter.
We enable you to Sell Smarter, not Harder.
We think you will agree, you can create & email a comprehensive project plan / quote for any project, in 15 minutes or less.
And, you will Sell Faster.
Save quotes for standard solutions your customers are buying, so you can quickly deliver quotes on request. Anywhere, anytime. Check out My Quotes.
2Earn 5% commission per saleWhen your Personal leads turns into accounts, you get paid.
4 compensation plans to maximize your earnings; we pay you at every step of the Sale for LIFE, so you can maximize your Sales earnings!
Think you.
Yes, you.
You do want to build your own independent Sales business, right?
You are ready to acquire your own small business accounts?
Because, if you don't, our plan is really not for you.
But, if you do, we love to have you.
Join our Affiliate Program
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